Hey guys, not sure if theres already a post on this so thought I'd make one just in case...

Let me start by saying i'm not averse to pvp, i think a little human vs human is good for the soul, however I am getting a little tired of constant ganking when trying to level a new toon.

I've had a thought on how this could be stopped and would appreciate some feedback from others...Heres my idea;

Blizzard could possibly change the way pvp works so any toon that is 'grey' and will not give honor when killed is made unattackable by others, this would effectively stop the ganking of lowbies without restricting how world pvp takes place.

An example is that a level 60 toon is unattackable by anyone level 65 and above, however that same level 60 toon can still pvp with others between level 55 & 65 giving each a fair chance of winning (well maybe not fair but at least it's not going to be a 1 shot).