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    a couple of guys who belong to an organization do not represent the interests and goals of said organization. specially when the leader of the organization is against their actions.

    aethas said on tides of war that the betrayal the sunreavers suffered from within was against his goals. he was also the one who cast the deciding vote for jaina to be the head of the kirin tor. if anyone was betrayed, it was aethas: first from a couple of sunreavers, than from the kirin tor whose hides he and his blood elves saved from the nexus war and the scourge war. first they beg him to join them, than they kick him out because 2 guys betrayed them? well, a lot more humans betrayed the kirin tor. I say kick humans out lol
    What exactly did Aethas Sunreaver to uncover those elements that were "betraying" the Sunreavers from within? There's a lot of time passing between Tides of War and 5.1, and Aethas did nothing.
    And excuse me, who saved the day in the Nexus War was Alextrasza and a bunch of adventurers allied with the Wyrmrest Accord.
    The blood elves were begged to join? o m g

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    just wondering. He had a strong hatebase in Wrath and cata, but also had a lot of people arguing in his favor and finding merit in his actions.

    not really the case with MoP. Are there any Garrosh supporters left? Do any players (Horde or Alliance) think he's still in the right or doing the right thing? Does he have any genuine fans anymore, or has turning him to the evil end of xpac boss gotten rid of them all?
    Because Garrosh is unstable and impulsive. Two attributes you don't want in a leader, on top of that his skill at tactics is based purely off of luck. I don't know how Thrall even let him lead more than a squad. There were plenty more people a hundred times more capable than him.

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