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    RBG-Arena , wintrading and bots

    I see in the upcoming patches that rated bg awards for loss too. Is this something that concerns blizzard(you) you when it comes to queueing up more advanced bots for farming ? Advanced enough to only seem legit as a player, that win or lose based on the team they face. Giving the hack creators a bigger carrot to make such programs ?

    Also, with the 2200 cap gone in arena, will this trigger a major boost when it comes to wintrading? Im thinking who would notice a 1900 team wintrading so that they achiev weapons faster rather than stuck at 1500\1600 that most ppl are.

    Or i may be way of base here. Anywho, just sharing my thoughts. =)

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    I think the idea to give incentive for people to play even with worse gear/setup/players and take a chance. I don't see any real impact on higher level play, not for now at least.

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    boosts will always work as long as you get higher cap from the team rating. since mop launch ive done countless boosts in 2s and 3s to either 2k or 2.2 for rating/weps and people are happy to pay up even for $

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