Right guys I know there is a Broken Overpower video and thread but this isnt just about overpower and battle or defensive stance, as people can see in the video I made even sitting in berserker with rage isn't fluid. Blizz gave Slam a damage buff so its used more as a prio then a filler like before but using slam stacking up overpower or using overpower wen low rage just doesnt seem right.

Your feeling forced to use berserker rage when it is needed for say fears and other things. The 10 rage cost seems low but spamming overpowers to lower your stacks and trying to fit slam into it all just seems to not be working at the moment and forget heroic strike that just seems existent now with the way rage is working the lower damage and high rage cost of it with deadly Calm gone just makes it a fail ability.

Thanks Hope you guys see the concerns in the video.

Daani Over And Out.