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    Exclamation Ignorant.

    "You're/that's/your opinions are/your reasoning is. . ."

    It doesn't mean that you have a higher method of reasoning and logic than the person who doesn't agree with your opinions. Most of the time it's used when one simply gets frustrated with the other for not liking things they like in the way that they do. Or, of course, when they've run out of 'intellectual' versions of "fuck you, idiot." Similar to lazy words like "cunt", "fucker", and "twat", these insults don't progress the argument - they turn a chance to understand/evolve another/your view into a sort of stalemate where the only optional strategy is to defecate where you post.

    Let us use our language, but for the sake of communication, let us use it properly and with meaning:

    Uncommon use (people will think your wrong if you use it like this):

    Person A: Gravity is stupid, I hate it and it needs to be nerfed.
    Person B: That's really ignorant.
    Person A: Oh how ironic (we'll have to talk about THIS later), obviously you're the ignorant one calling me ignorant.
    Person B: That's not even . . . *contributes the coming fecal hurricane*
    Person A: *Retorts with more feces*
    Person B: *Doesn't know where he is anymore because all the random "ignorants" thrown about*
    Person A: *Still hates gravity*
    Person B: * Frustrated with gravity haters, still doesn't know how to use "ignorant", bathes in own feces (ignorance) in order to create a false self-image of posting/arguing dexterity*

    Common (people will understand you, if they don't, you have the opportunity to educate them both in reasoning AND in language):

    Person A: Gravity is stupid, I hate it and it needs to be nerfed.
    Person B: Actually it's well known that it keeps you on the ground and in a good orbit with the sun, which gives us moderate temperature fluctuations throughout the year. In turn, this force is the reason we aren't just another lifeless rock in a universe of masses randomly flying through space. If you want more proof you can look at X or Y too.
    Person A: Well I don't care about the stupid sun or it's bipolar seasons.
    Person B: Do like to play videogames?
    Person A: Yes.
    Person B: Do you have to be alive to play video games?
    Person A: No shit sherlock.
    Person B: Well if we didn't have the sun we would be lifeless, therefore, no videogames.
    Person A: I don't care.
    Person B: Have you even considered my arguments, evidence, and logic?
    Person A: Of course not you eagle hating communist.
    Person B: That's ignorance. I'm sorry, but since you truly meet the definition of ignorance then there is no logical reason whatsoever for me to try to persuade you anymore. Good'ay!
    Person A: Good'ay!

    We could always just play nice and not be too radical/unsupported with our strongest beliefs. . . but, of course, that won't work provided that we're all just the result of our long lost, and incoherent ancestors whose primal and violent tendencies run throughout society today.

    Just because you use epics doesn't mean you're epic.

    You already understand yourself, the point of conforming to common language is so others can understand too. Use language that reflects your ideas so the rest of us can see those profound and beautiful ideas locked away within your mind,

    You twats .
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    You are trying so hard to become a mod lol
    but yeah i agree.
    Think for yourself.

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    People ignorant about the word "ignorant"? Ingorantception, I say.

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    Generally the key is to spot when someone has reverted back to poo flinging and just exit the conversation. Continuing to disagree will only make it angrier.

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