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    He's just a face and name, a front. White people run everything.
    and 80% of genocides.

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    I reserve my respect for the likes of Hawking and Attenborough, not popstars who managed to captivate a crowd of easily impressed fools.
    "The truth, my goal."

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    wealth is a % game - doesn't matter matter how much you have, matters how much you have compared to everybody else... simple economics. If you have 50 billion dollars it is useless if everybody else does... therefor it is a zero sum game. dont let bad politicians lie to you.

    also that is a horrible analogy that makes no sense, please don't do it again.

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    I think he just meant hes a product of the american dream and you took it like he was literally the only american dream success story.

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    results are skewed - only a fool would believe that, besides does any country over there even have 200million people let alone 310+million. So sick of you little countries trying to compare yourself to USA, stop it, you can't. Makes you look retarded even trying.
    Forgive me quick knee jerk reaction to it. Then the title is very misleading. It says he is the definition of the American Dream. However you could say that about numerous singers, actors, etc I do not get why you solely pointed him out while posting pictures of the President with him is heavily implying that has influence with the President.

    They attended fund raisers. They shake almost anyone's hand or take a picture for a generous donation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuvok View Post
    I reserve my respect for the likes of Hawking and Attenborough, not popstars who managed to captivate a crowd of easily impressed fools.
    You know, its kind of silly to denigrate the importance of artists when you have John Lennon as an avatar.

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    The American Dream?

    The American Dream is a relic of the times when American exceptionalism was popular in the US. There is no such thing as an American dream in heavily capitalist countries such as the US or the UK simply because capitalism relies on the exploitation of the lower classes and the employed by the employer. This is, for example, the reason why first world countries have the living conditions that they do; because of the exploitation of countries such as China and Pakistan where people work for utterly pathetic money to make things like clothes that we all wear.

    It's not for no reason that the more socially democratic a country is, the higher social mobility it has (France, Germany, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Iceland, etc., all have higher social mobility than the US).

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    George Carlin: It's called the American Dream,because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    A lotta truth..

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    biggie > jay z.. biggie's marriage was a joke tho

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