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    Glyph of Retribution (ret only): When Censure is active on a target, that target suffers an additional 15% of all damage received by the paladin. (passive)

    Might be a little mandatory for pvp and probably a buff for pve too but seems reasonable. Also adds to rets sustained damage while being focused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veliane View Post
    Bringing back a deterrent spell is a good idea, every season since the end of Wrath has been Train down the Ret.

    Retribution Aura: 1min cd.
    Unleash the wrath of heavens upon your enemy target, sharing 30% of all damage taken with him/her as Divine damage for the next 6 seconds.
    Damage dealt cannot exceed the Paladin's total health.
    I like Veliane's idea. I thought of a similar one.

    How about it becomes an activate-able 10 second, undispelable buff, on a 2 or 3 min cooldown. Of course, the damage reflection will be increased to compensate for it not being on all the time (or perhaps not, putting on a 10 second buff that reflects back 30% damage is actaully pretty strong). It's not at all as strong as the monks touch of Karma, but I suppose there could be a health limit to it (I suppose it would have to be, if you reflect 100% of your health bar on to someone else while you dps them down, it would be brutal). Suppose the damage reflected can't exceed 50% of the paladin's health. If the paladin is bursted down in the span of "An Eye for an Eye", the attacker(s) would only receive 30% of the total paladin's health (maybe it should be scalled back to 25%).

    This makes the ability not at all random uncontrolable damage, and gives some "retribution" back into the kit. Just and idea I had.
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    Given that Touch of Karma prevents damage from even touching the Monk, and redirects it ALL to the marked enemy for 6 sec (as a DoT), AND is only a 90 sec CD, I don't think that a 2-3min CD 30% reflect is in any way, shape or form OP.

    In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's UNDERwhelming.

    If you want to make Devo Aura convert to Ret aura (which I don't like, I'd rather keep my silence protection given that they want us to cast FoL more), then make it either a RAID-WIDE reflect for 6 seconds, or a ret-only reflect for 6 seconds that is a 100% reflect. It'd still be 2x the cooldown of ToK, and the first option would keep the ability more utility-focused and beneficial to the group.

    Honestly, I'd rather see it like this:

    Glyph of Hand of Retribution - replaces Hand of Salvation (Prot, Ret only): Place a hand on the target party member (self included) that drops all threat and causes any incoming damage to be reflected to the source for 8 seconds. Damage cannot exceed target's maximum health. After the buff expires, the target regains all threat lost by the hand. 2min CD.

    Since it retains the threat drop portion, you wouldn't be able to cheese PVE content (outside of soloing stuff), so it'd be mainly a PVP change (duh). It would make Salv useful, and could restrict it from holy to make it a niche utility item for ret (and prot). Can be self-cast to prevet training, and could be made to cause forbearance if you really want to be a dick about it. Would be an excellent peel, useful "pseudo-heal", and actually some decent counter-pressure.
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