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    Boomkin or Ele shaman for next season.

    Hey guys, I am planning on trying a new main next season (mainly RBGS) and I have pretty much narrowed it down to boomkin or ele. Which one do you guys think will be better? Not just overall damage, but taking into account utility and survivability.

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    Ele... I haven't seen boomkins in a while, but they're easy to shut down last time I checked... ele can get away, not to mention cast while running and an aoe knock-back. Also when you're in that one form thingy, lava burst has no CD so you can just spam the hell out of it and do massive damage since every single burst will crit. I know at one point boomkins were really good, not sure if they got a nerf... but ele has always been good in PvP... second to resto, but as far as damaging, I think it's the better choice of the two when comparing to boomkins.
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    Yeah, idk, that's two ele so far. Boomkins have that sweet aoe silence plus coupled with the vortex is nice, they also have aoe knock back, plus they can stealth which is a huge plus. On the other hand, ele can kite pretty easy, they have tremor which is huge considering all the fears being thrown around and with the change to chain lightning I'm sure that's gonna be awesome.

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    RBG mostly? Boomkin. While ele will be good also, Boomkin has a unique STRONG utility. Gorefiend's grasp + vortex beam is insane in RBG's.
    I would also suggest mass entanglement, and not typhoon. The knockback on typhoon is really pitiful, and mass entanglement is good for RBG's, especially with Solar Beam Vortex, or as an aoe peel.

    ^^ not sure why he said Ele has always been good, that just isn't true. They will be good in 5.2 because they are getting a massive buff, but they have historically been crappy. Most high-tier RBG's almost require a boomkin, though.
    Also, Boomkins have strong cooldowns also, I'd say their pvp damage is quite similar.

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    Balance Druid for sure, vortex beam is insanely strong and with the blanket CS removal next patch, beam will be appreciated that bit more. Oh and Balance damage wasn't changed as far as I'm aware so when it scales with gear next season, Druids will be destroying shit hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptUntsAhts View Post
    vortex beam is insane in RBG's.
    Yeah, I played heals last season and I can tell you that shit is annoying. And I guess typhoon would really depend on the map, Gorefiend's grasp + typhoon where it applies could easily make a game.

    Damn, so now its 2 vs. 2.
    Idk it's such a hard decision and I love playing them both.

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    Balance druids are going to be really in demand with silences being removed from 2 good pvp classes. Vortex beam and grasp are gonna be all over the place. Ele If you want lots of fun though

    But honestly if you love playing both then play both. With the new season coming out you can have access to gear just by grinding. Cap them both every week and gear them both
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