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    Brewmaster Challenge Mode Gear

    Just started challenge modes yesterday on my BrM and I was looking at getting a gear set specific for challenge modes. Should I be going for crit/haste only gear with reforging to hit hit/soft exp caps?

    Also does gemming change at all for challenge modes or should I stick to regular tank gems?

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    You def want to hit the hit, and soft expertise stats. As for gemming, that depends on your group composition. Are you running 4 dps 1 tank? best to have a healthy amount of stamina, so you don't get instagibbed before the offhealer can get some damage out. Are you running with a healer who will be doing dps (Monk, Priest, possibly Shaman/Paladin)? Might want to go for a haste/hit/exp, with Stamina enchants.

    Remember that for Challenge modes, what will determine your success in getting gold is being able to do MASSIVE pulls quickly. For most BrM monks, this involves running with 4 dps while using the spammable Brew toss to kite extremely large groups while maintaining aggro.
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    A lot of people run stun heavy comps for gold runs to minimize the healing needed. I can imagine in such a comp Mastery would be a strong stat to help survive the bursty periods when stuns fade but ultimately as was stated, your comp is going to factor a lot into which stats are most important. Generally speaking though, a standard tanking build wouldn't be bad, just maybe not optimal.

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    After running a shitload of challenge mode I can comfortably say that haste is the single most valuable secondary stat for a brewmaster monk in challenge mode. It helps you react more often to burst dmg with expel harms, significantly increase your aoe dps and gives you more elusive brew charge / gift of the ox proc. Mastery is overall not worth it with the limited item budget, if you have problem surviving dmg spikes get more stam, else stack agi over stam. Also crit is great for both dps and EB proc too but you'll honestly be energy starve way too often to consider going crit over haste.

    Since you're probably just aiming for gold I'd suggest you to get the agi relic of xuen + any high stam trinket and gem mostly haste and stam. I feel this is the safer way to go if you're new to challenge modes and I highly advice you to get both hit and exp cap. A missed/dodged kegsmash can be brutal for your survival.

    Lastly, you only want to kite as a last ressort, it might seems like a good idea to kite and have 4 dps but in the end it's a volatile strats and it takes MORE time to kill trash like this than to have a healer and simply tank them. That's how high a brewmaster dps is in challenge modes.

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