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    Example, you'd get 1 less BT/RB inside a CS, so although SB hits harder, you're also doing less damage with another ability that needs to be taken into account.

    Kaljurei , I don't think you understand the concepts I'm talking about. You're forgetting/ignoring opportunity cost to try and defend your stance.

    An easy way to figure out how strong SB will be comparably would be to use it perfectly on a fight, and increase it by 25% (SB will be hitting 25% harder in 5.2). So if it's 10% of your DPS, it'll be ~12%. But compare that percentage damage to BB damage done on a comparable fight, but subtract the GCD's of the SB used and factor in how many BTs/RBs/WS that would be, and you can figure it out.
    Ah okay, I understand now. That makes sense. I don't think we would ever use it as Fury(because the damage would be a lot lesser and probably not comparable), but as Arms it seems to do a lot more stronger than Bloodbath, that's what I feel.


    - For Arms, we are going to try Overpower proc'ing Sudden Death instead of autoattacks. This will make haste slightly worse (which we can fix) but we hope will help make the rotation slightly more compelling, since autoattack procs can feel really random. With Overpower you can anticipate it a little more.
    - Likewise, Overpower will cost no rage in Execute range. We agree that saving rage for Overpower and spending it all on Execute don't play well together.
    - We haven't made a tuning pass on Arms (or any spec) yet. Don't fret about DPS numbers at this stage.

    [Minor point: would a 10-rage discount on the next Execute make more sense for Overpower?]

    That is the actual implementation of the change I was hinting at. (Technically, it's a duration on all Overpowers not a single charge.) We are also going to try a slightly cheaper Slam. We agree that will help make it clear whether you should prioritize Slam or Overpower. We further agree that the problem wasn't really Arms having too much rage. The problem was Arms not having an engaging resource model since nearly every attack was free. A 20 Slam and 10 Overpower might work fine. Let us know.
    This is absolutely excellent news.

    ->Rage cost reduction on Overpower during Execute phase brings us back to current levels, allowing us to spend all our Rage on Execute once again without having to spend Rage on Overpowers to fill GCDs.
    ->Slam cost reduction may make it's DPR better than OP+HS. Let's see.
    ->Tying Sudden Death to Overpowers, I'm not very sure.

    Personally, I think the one good effect of the change is that we would have more control over when a Sudden Death proc would occur, and therefore we would be able to have a lot more control over our damage.

    On the other hand, should the proc chance decrease, i.e should it remain at 20%? I think this value is what would decide whether we get more procs, or more reliable procs.

    The bad thing about the change is that we may prioritize Slam over OP inside a CS window with the proposed changes which means we may or may not get a proc right after the first proc, leading to lesser number of overall procs.

    I think once we look at what tuning changes he's planning, i.e next PTR build or whatever, we should be able to decide whether Arms is going to be competitive or not. Personally, I'm back to being cautiously optimistic.
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