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    Latency issue after re setup

    Well, some weeks ago I let my little cousin at my computer for a little too long and it didn't take long for him to accidentally download some virus. I guess it was one of those popular ones which attach themselves to the registry and won't let you even start up windows. Either way, I simply reinstalled windows and everything ran perfectly fine again.

    Thing is, ever since that little incident, my ping won't go below ~60ish ms in both WoW and LoL, whereas it was at ~30 ms all my computer's lifetime. Speedtest also weilds 45+ pings whereas it was below 10 before the re-setup. I checked my router, the switch and my internet seems fine. It isn't that big of a problem, but it starts to get annoying. Could it be that my network drivers have something to do with it? I don't know too much about all that stuff, I simply reinstalled windows and ran my drivers cd. I had little problems to get my network to work again at the start though. Could you give me a few guesses what might cause the increase in latency?

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    There's not much on your PC that could increase your latency.

    From the top of my head:

    Wi-Fi a missing or wrong network driver might be possible.
    There are cases where even a reinstall might not get entirely rid of malware and it's possible that it basically redirects your traffic. So get your PC scanned thoroughly by the AV of your choice.

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