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    Question How do i deal more damage?

    I am a lvl 90 BM Troll Hunter, and Im partially Dreadful/Malevolent geared. Im still a bit of a noob but Im pretty good for this being my first character. I am desperately looking for ways to get more DPS. Also, with the new PVP season coming, is it worth spending the honor and conquest points on the current gear or should i wait for the new gear? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Keep buying with the conquest points but save the honor points. Unless you want more dreadful, it's best to cap your honor points for next season.

    Being a bm hunter, some of your dmg is coming from your pet. Make sure your pet has maximum uptime on your opponents but also be careful that it doesn't die. If your pet dies your dmg is halved. Make a pet attack and pet follow macro so you have control over your pet.
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    Being a bm hunter, MOST of your dmg is coming from your pet.
    Fixed that for you.

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