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    Amusingly I actually had my Sha-Staff drop today after complaining about it on here last night - moaning about it refusing to drop on MMOC, is clearly the way to go!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Frankly OP you would not of gotten past me in LFR, I always check other warlocks on the dps meters to see what attacks they are using and which are netting them their majority damage and I can tell if they are doing their rotation correctly, I would of seen your one source of dps and called for your kicking so you could enjoy another 45 min dps que for terrace.
    ROFLOLMAO! i love these guys! the ones who feel they have to check everyone out in lfr and act like they are the appointed sherrif, lol these are the guys that are an actual blast to troll. "NOOOOOOO this guy isnt playing like how EJ says you should kick him! WAHHHHHHH" seriously i'd rather kick the guys who act like this than the ones doing medicore dps... its lfr ffs who cares, not like its serious.

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    As long as your damage is fairly good and you don't die every 2 seconds who cares?

    I had bad loot RNG for ages last few runs ive been showered in epics! Just got my trinket from elegaon!

    I did get someone kicked (done this a few times) seeing a healer getting in top 10 on damage on fights. I get them vote kicked for a simple reason. They are queue jumping using the healer option and going in as DPS instead. I don't queue as a tank and go in as a DPS :/

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