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    Sooo....Ashora and Steppes

    I'm slowly leveling my main and hit 60 recently, and since I'm a lore junkie I read all the quest text, do all the carnages, and try to get the achievement before I move on to the next zone. I'm actually really, really enjoying questing in SL despite it feeling grindy...and then I hit Steppes and Ashora.

    What's the deal with those? Steppes I did basically one quest line with the Architect dude, then dailies pop up. I check the quest achieve and see I have like 30 quests left and I think I must have missed a quest hub, but nope, it's just carnage and random one-off quests.

    While I am definitely disappointed with the short length, it's also just the....abruptness of the end that irks me. I'm fine with small zones, City Core was short and was fine. But it ended, and each zone had a COMPLETE storyline that lead to the next zone well. Especially after the awesome endings of Kingsward and Morban, I just expected more from the final 2 zones.

    Now, I know Trion said they wanted room to expand...but in my mind, that's about the Dendrome and about the loads of empty space in the other zones. To me they said that because they have plans to make changes to existing zones, add stuff to them, and release the Dendrome. It really DOESN'T justify having a frankly incomplete zone at the end, because that's what Ashora and Steppes are: incomplete. It literally feels like there's more quests, Trion just forgot to put them in.

    So any speculation on if they'll ever be completed? Maybe Ashora's quests will be completed as a lead-in to the Dendrome? Or perhaps a new epic quest line that nicely tidies up those 2 zones? I don't think they'd just leave those questlines hanging, they HAVE to be planning something for those.

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    No one knows. Honestly? I'd love to think that we might get patch notes for 2.2 which involve oodles of questing for those two zones and 2.3 is Dendrome but ... I sorta doubt it.

    Unfortunately those two rather incomplete zones are the world zones you spend the most time in once you hit max level too.

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    Same thing happened to me. Did every single quest and carnage on my cleric. Those zones were very disappointing.

    I like the way the Hero Rises chronicle ties up in the script in Frozen Tempest though - that was quite a nice surprise doing FT for the first time.

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    i was a little bit puzzled as well..morban and kingsward felt more like the final zone than steppes and ashora :S

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    Yeah I think it is because they want to add more content to those zones later. But really more should have been done.Especially since these are the zones people end up spending the most time in. I do really hope we get some more quests in them this next patch. Something to continue the storylines. Leaving themselves lots of room is good and all but leaving the endgame zones that incomplete was a mistake imo.

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