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    Lightbulb Suggestion: unleash elements glyph?

    Was thinking that if we had a glyph that removed the gcd from unleash elements, it would be really helpful in all specs, especially elemental which is really low right now.

    Even if it increases the CD by 5 secs or something, it would be extremely useful

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    Yes please! I love the spell, but as Elemental I never really get to use it properly. Which is a shame really.

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    I don't think that will ever happen. People would just make a macro with UE for their spells and Blizzard stated that they want to get rid of such abilities.

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    Well, they could reduce the gcd down to 0.5 secs

    and they still have gcdless spells like inner will and such
    instead of it being useless to the likes of elemental, they would double the CD, triple it, but it would still be a dmg boost for elemental

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    Personally i would like to see a change to Unleash Elements like this:

    "If you use Unleash Elements you will directly discharge Lightning Shield charges for 6sec generated during this time".

    This way you could use Unleash Elements intelligent instead of keeping it just on CD and you will have less wasted LS Charges.

    Also it would change the AoE Rotation slightly, instead of just spamming Cl.

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    Removing the spell from GCD would be nice and add some mastery to using it, but there's no way that would fly with our current lvl 90 talent tree. As long as one of those talents is focused on UE, it'll stay on the GCD.

    I do wonder about taking shocks off GCD, or making them a short GCD (think Warriors with Cleave/Heroic Strike). This would increase single target (no having to wait for LvB before Fulmination) but would still need proper utility to truly see the difference between a good shaman and a great shaman. Unless it makes us too strong, then forget about it.

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