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    Sooo..apparently I suck at Warlocking =(

    Warlock has always been a class I've wanted to learn. And I've finally decided to level one with my sister in law, she's now 63.

    I have dual spec Affliction / Demonology. And I seem pretty bad at both. I get highly confused with when I should be using Haunt. And Demonology I mostly just use save my demonic power (not sure if that's the right name) for bosses and I just use demon form on them.

    I tried Destruction but I had a really hard time managing the burning embers...

    Can anyone give me any tips..I really want to raid on her once I level her (mostly LFR unless my sister in law and I decide to start our own raiding guild) I just want to be decent though..don't have to be top of the meters, just where people will at least respect me. (yea I know that's asking a lot out of people for a DPS sometimes =( )

    Anyway, thanks for any tips you guys can give!!

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    Read the stickies and practice, practice.

    Warlock played properly its very rewarding in all aspects of the game
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    honestly, imo i always find it easier to learn a class once at max level since you will have the full toolkit available. no sense learning how to do top dps at 63 then realise your muscle memory doesnt take into account pandemic or dark soul...

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    affliction: you soulburn, soul swap to apply all dots on your target keep using malefric grasp, now if you have heirloom gear, keep using it on the target until it dies, since it is faster than switching to drain , if you fighting many mobs or a boss, spray dots everywhere, and drain at least 1 target when he is below 20 to get new soul shards, they reapply to the other targets and MG them.

    using haunt also depends, dont just use it, you need to watch the timer, so you dont clip the dot, if you are fighting muli targets, dont use haunt, use your soul shards to apply dots fast on them and MG them.

    get the addon affdots, it is super helpful, also xforte, and xperl OR shadowed frame unit, and customize them in a way to track your dots easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfury View Post
    Read the stickies and practice, practice.
    I can very much echo this, read the stickies at the top of this forum board they will help you. Evrelia even included a short video guide that should tell you the basics of what you need to know for Affliction.

    Oh and Affdots addon is a good idea, it helps you see when to refresh your dots and when it's better to leave them be.

    If you are still struggeling after reading/watching those and have started raiding, then have a look at the Fix my DPS thread in the stickies if you have logs to post and there will likely be people that can give you tips on how to improve.

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    I can imagine the warlock class is not something you learn over a day or two.

    Do what others above me have said; check out the guides and practice away!

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    Get the Affdots addon, it's basicly the best thing they ever made for us
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    Haunt takes priority. Otherwise use soulburn + soulswap to cast your dots and malefic grasp in between. When your dots get low, either redo the soulburn/soulswap or cast fel flame for an insta cast refresh. At 19% health on your target, switch to drain soul.
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    Just a pity she doesnt actually HAVE soul swap at 63. sorta makes most of this advice irrelevant...

    For AoE situations, SB> SoC onto one target then dot it up. swap to each target and SoC onto them. Then back to the origanal target, refresh dots and Haunt then MG.
    Generally though I just found (on my 65 lock I went back to playing after 3 years or so) that Mobs in instances die too damned quickly, so I just SB>SoC one mob, Dot it up, Haunt and then MG. Trying to AoE is pissing into the wind really since instances are so faceroll now. I was well below in DPS in 5 mans at 65 on trash, but as soon as a boss came, I jumped to the top.

    Single target:
    CoE, DoT it up, then Maelific Grasp. Refresh your Dots when you get procs from trinkets/enchants etc. Rinse and repeat. Try to use Haunt when you have DoTs buffed by your procs and never overwrite it. Most important thing though is to NEVER let CoA fall off. Having the stacks drop from 10 is a baaad idea.
    For minions, you should be using your felhunter.

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    Check out this addon, just for help in knowing what to push when: http: // www . curse . com /addons /wow /bittens-spellflash-warlock (remove the spaces)

    I LOVE it, and while you might want to vary your rotation a bit once you get into higher difficulty levels like heroic raiding, this will help you a ton up until then.

    Also, you might give Destro a try rather than Aff/Demo. I find it much simpler to use in most situations.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viggers View Post
    honestly, imo i always find it easier to learn a class once at max level since you will have the full toolkit available. no sense learning how to do top dps at 63 then realise your muscle memory doesnt take into account pandemic or dark soul...
    This. Just have fun up to max level, then once you have all the spells you need, start min maxing.
    btw dont worry about not being respectable in your guild, from the sounds of it if you make a raiding guild it will be very casual and probably most the other players will be learning their class too. Just level to 90 and enjoy yourself.

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