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    Allow VP upgrades to Thunderforged

    Simple solution I thought of to Thunderforged RNG, which works similar to 25m versus 10m in Asia with the item upgrades:

    In lieu of the current system, allow players to "Thunderforge" their gear for 1000 VP per item (perhaps in 5.3) The VP for this would be saved until close to the end of the tier, and you would only have to Thunderforge non-thunderforged items.

    There would be a lot less RNG factor, which is stupid and frustrating already as it is when it comes to loot drops.

    P.S: Almost no 25m raiders I have talked to so far like this system, from hardcore to semi-hardcore/casual. This might help out 25m while being less frustrating for both 25m and 10m players.

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    idk.. i think you are right about the system not being very interesting. im glad they are trying stuff. i personally love 10m raiding, more then 25m. i can also agree that people are leaving the hassles of 25m, in favor of 10m. so there does need to be some sort of incentive, but i think this system will not do. your idea could help, we need stuff to do with our valor, and since we cant continue to lvl up our 5.0 gear (the vendors are leaving) there will be people with gear still not upgraded, and have valor with nothing to spend it on. there are some pretty big gaps to fix from the Devs.
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