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    [Elemental] What should I do to be better?

    I'm really new to the Shaman scene. I've been a Paladin for over 5 years now, and I've actually only healed ever since the first day. I've never done DPS in the end-game scene nor have I played something other than a Paladin. So this is all fairly new to me. While I do know the fights in all three raids, it still is hard to get used to as a new class, let alone a new role. I've been managing so far, and I've pulled through. I just have a problem with my DPS. Sometimes I'll pull number where I would be 2-3rd on the DPS charts, most times I'm either last or second to last because we have a Retribution Paladin. Here is my ARMORY - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ul/Tabh/simple

    I think I'm gemmed, enchanted, reforged correctly. I'm over the hit cap, I'm over the soft cap. I have my 2 piece. I did all this in 6 days. I just hit 90 like last Thursday. Do you see any problems with my gear? Do I have to much spirit gear, or am i missing something. Ever since I got my 2 piece, I've felt stronger in the single target department, but my AOE is sucky, I can't pass 100k anymore and I'm not sure why. What bothers me is that I'll burst up to 140k or something during the first 1-2 minutes of a fight but then drop down to like 60-80k depending on the fight. Is this normal? Also I hate movement fights, and fights with a lot of target switching. Are there any tips that I need to know for fights like those? It's been a hard journey, and so far I'm really enjoying Elemental...

    Also, are there any buffs coming, I feel we are weaker than most classes in both PVE and PVP... I can't kill anything in PVP, I got bursted by a Monk, who was like 463, pretty much fresh, and I was at like 476 at the time... He killed me so fast.... D:

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    We can't tell what kind of damage you are actually doing or offer tips for improvement without logs. I looked you up on Wow Heroes and also checked your guild on World of Logs.

    It appears you don't have any logged fights.

    Generically, Elemental is slightly behind other specs assuming you are all of the same gear and skill level, but still decent enough. Discrepancies in gear and skill will skew things wildly, so where you fall within your own raids rankings can vary based on a number of things.

    All I can offer is you should read the sticky at the top for general advice. Otherwise, start logging your fights and we can see what actions you are performing well, and what you need improvement on.

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    The best advice coming from a healer is ABC. Always be casting. It's the biggest difference you are looking at.
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    movement fights are actually where we excel. drop that telluric currents glyph, you shouldn't be having any mana problems, except for stone guard if you're spamming chain lightning on just 2 targets. pick up unleashed lightning, you'll see a world of a difference. feeling below average on fights where you need to switch targets is normal, unfortunately.
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    Uhm you are playing a elemental shaman and you hate movement fights? oO Remove the telluric currents glyph and start using unleashed lightning (Practically you can use this glyph every fight, theorycrafter will tell you, that it's sometimes a dps loss but it's such a minor decrease it doesn't really matter). Also i highly recommend the guide by Binkenstein, Endus & Gistwiki -> http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-5-0-5-Edition . It's a good, if not the best, guide for players new to elemental.

    Edit: Oh and you should def. learn some raiding professions :P
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    Hey there,

    First off I want to warn you that Elemental is slightly behind most other classes in terms of DPS at the moment. Don't fret, we bring tons of utility.

    Here are some quick tips I can give you:

    - Use Stormlash Totem on cooldown
    - You said you have problems with high movement fights, Ele shamans are one of the better classes for fights with a lot of movement. Make sure you are glyphed Unleashed Lightning. If there is a point where you will move constantly for a extended period of time, pop Spiritwalker's Grace. I advise you to not macro Spiritwalker's Grace to Ascendance, since it can sometimes be wasted. (Ie - Leishi)
    - It is completely normal for you to burst ridiculously high then be pretty shitty at sustained DPS.
    - Do NOT multi dot with flame shock.
    - If your guild logs your raids, make sure to look at them every week and look for ways to better your dps. Look at your flame shock uptime, stormlash totem use, quantity of lava bursts etc.
    - To end, I HIGHLY recommend reading the stickied Ele shaman guide by Binkenstein/Endus several times and look over the priority rotation and such. Even I see myself looking at updates on the guide sometimes. It really is very helpful for someone new to Elemental and can improve your play tremendously.

    Good luck!

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