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    Red CM armor?

    Hey there guys,

    So I finally managed to hit 90 on my rogue last night! I am starting to consider what I should do for a transmog set and I am thinking that Challendge Mode armor looks pretty sick. The only problem I am having right now is that I am unsure if you can get more than the goldish color. Ideally I would like to get the red and black version of the set (For the Horde!) to go along with a tabard I am after.

    So I am asking two questions for the forums. Firstly, does anyone have any advice on accomplishing challenge modes, any experience or something would be much appreciated. And secondly, does anyone know if you can obtain different colors of the CM sets? I recall there being three in the previews on MMO before MoP released.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Skorpe,

    Currently there are no alternatives to that one Challenge Mode set, and since no new 5-mans are announced for 5.2 that could potentially alleviate this, don't count on more colors in the near future. It does look pretty neat though, if you ask me - the only thing you need to know is that the smoke effect is limited to one of our three specs; so if you're anything but assassination, don't count on visuals.

    As for Challenge Modes in general, some pointers:

    • Since you're shooting for overall time, trash killing speed is often more important than single target DPS and consequently I've found combat to be the better spec. Assassination has merit in a few instances though - namely SSB and SM.
    • In challenge modes you want to devote your resources towards nailing mechanics and strategy firstly, and maximizing DPS secondly. Sprint, Shroud of Concealment, Sap, Kick and Kidney Shot are spells you will have to get comfortable with (if you're not a PvPer), and failing to do so will be much more detrimental to performance than your DPS - so focus on that. As long as you're only shooting for gold you can get by without very high DPS.
    • Don't worry too much about party composition. DKs are good in SH, prot palas are bad in SSB, and any source of Bloodlust is nice; but none of these are required to get your transmog.
    • Unless you can get a solid premade going, you will spend a lot of time finding the right groups. You're much better off taking the time to find 4 like minded people and going the distance with them - guildies, friends, friends of friends. If you do go it alone, the chat is a great place to be

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