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    [A] Pink Mist 10 man - Ravencrest

    Pink Mist is a Swedish 10m raiding guild. However, we speak English during raids and therefor welcome all nationalities.
    Our aim is to have a friendly raiding environment and while clearing everything on heroic.
    We aim to have a "casual" but skilled raiding team.

    Our current progress is: 6/6HC MSV, 2/6HC HoF, 4/4N TOES

    We are currently looking for


    Our raid times: 19.30 - 23.30 server time.
    Raid days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday.

    What we expect from you:

    - Have a positive attitude. People who rage or whine a lot are not welcome. We also like to joke and troll each other. If you are overly sensitive, you will not fit in.
    - Close to 100% attendance. We want to maintain the same group.
    - A constant drive for improvement. If you perform poorly, your focus should be how to improve yourself and not come up with excuses.
    - The ability to think for yourself. You must have a general knowledge about the game and know your class well enough to handle your assigned task exceptionally.

    If this interests you or if you have any question feel free to add me in-game [lacke#2790] or PM me on MMOC.
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    High priority on tank and lock.

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    Found tank, updating needed classes.

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    Updated list.

    High priority on Hunter!

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