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    Lightbulb [A] THoF Nagrand are Recruiting a Healer & Dps (1/6 MSV HC, 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES)

    Recruitment Status for MoP Raid Progression

    Group 1: (6/6 MSV, 6/6 HoF & 4/4 ToES)
    1 Healer (Pref Druid or Monk with dps OS)

    We will, however, happily consider applications from all classes. All social and levelling applications are welcome anytime.

    About True Hearts of Friends (AKA THoF):

    We are a level 25 multi-national social raiding guild with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We have been an established Nagrand guild since 2007. THoF is all about having fun, raiding and socializing in a friendly and polite manner. Our raid teams are all about teamwork. We are committed to raiding and hungry for progression.

    We have cleared t13 DS, t12 Fire Lands & t11 (BWD, BoT & TotFW) and WotLK before that.

    We are currently recruiting for a Healer for the team that runs Wednesday, Sunday & Tuesday nights. We expect you to have a mature and tolerant attitude. You understand your character and strive to get better and improve your gameplay. You want to be part of a team and contribute to it’s success rather than shine as an individual and spam recount numbers. Sense of humor is always a plus. We use Teamspeak 3 and you must be able to listen (preferably talk as well).

    What we expect from raids:
    Show up on time. (But we do understand that S$%T Happens and people get delayed at work etc)
    Have knowledge of your class
    Give it your best

    We can offer you:
    A social, mature, fun and relaxed atmosphere.
    A guild with experienced and dedicated raiders in it.
    Supplies such as Flasks & Food in guild raids

    Guild Raiding Schedule:

    Group 1: (6/6 MSV, 6/6 HoF & 4/4 ToES)
    Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time
    Sunday : 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time
    Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time

    Group 2 (1/6 MSV HC & 1/6 HoF)
    Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time
    Monday: 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time

    For more information and to apply, please go to our guild website at
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    bump looking for a healer still

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    Bump still looking

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    bump still in need of a healer

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    Still looking and Gratz G2 on 1/6 MSV HC

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    Still looking and Gratz G2 on 1/6 MSV HC

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    Bump still looking and Gratz G2 Excellent work

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    Still looking and Gratz G2 on 1/6 MSV HC

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    big GZ grp 2, you rock ... we are still looking !

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    Bump Bump Bump still looking:

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    Still looking for some healers

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    bump still in need of a healer

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    Bump Still looking gratz Group 6/6 HoF & 1/4 ToES taken down tonight

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    Bump Bump.... still looking for healers... Grats Guys last night

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    Still looking and Gratz all nice back to back progression kills last night

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    Bump still looking

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    Bump still looking

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    Bump still looking

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    bump still looking

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    bump still looking

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