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    Changing from PVE to PVP

    After a long history of PVE, I am taking a bit of a break to go just for pvp action.
    What is the daily routine of someone who only focuses on PVP? What is the fastest way to get geared? What are some resources that are centered around pvp and can help me improve to get glad eventually? In general, what should I know and do regularly? I have done some pvp in the past but I want to go more "hardcore".

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    to get geared do bgs + tb/Wintergrasp everytime you can

    to get good just do as much as possible and play with everyone you can

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    TB/WG give the most honor for the win (with dailies) i net close to 1k for my first win of the week on each. Other then that you need to do bgs for Honor.
    You'll want to find a competent and geared dps friend who can help you in arena as you'll need as much conquest as possible.

    Um typical day for PVP? i usually jump on, go ganking at halfhill, wait for some mates to come on and queue for bgs or arenas.

    I've played pve and pvp both (12/16hm atm) and have found pvp to be alot more social then pve, you will want to find some people who do bgs daily and join in with them

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    Join a PvP guild for sure. When you haven't got PvP gear there's not a lot you can do other than queue TB / Wintergrasp when they're up and spam BGs. BGs are always A LOT better if you run with a couple of friends or guildies who are geared, as most of the 10-15 people BGs can actually be completely carried by 1-2 good players.

    A lot of PvPers watch streams during and between BGs. Watching WoW streams can actually improve your play as you can pick up some sweet tips from some of the best players in PvP. I'm not sure what class you play, but there is normally 1 or 2 good streamers per class.

    Good luck!

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    From Zero to Hero

    I went from being a ratin starting with 1500 (which is nothing) to an astounding 2394 in one season. I did this with my Druid playin Resto in Season 11. Wasn't RDruid horrible in season 11? Yes but the thing that counts is determination and persistance. Always try and play with better people (higher exp) than compensating for lower exp. Do not shoot to high or you may begin to anger some people and developing a good character in pvp is key for finding connections and partners. You'll want to start out with playing 2s for you can make plenty of mistakes and not be punished to harshly for it. Usually Healer/DPS is the easiest to start with in 2s but don't get too comfortable in 2s or bored cause the real action starts with 3s. Depending on your call just ask higher exp players respectfully for advice and armory high rated players of your class and spec for talents, gear, gems, and reforging. As for getting gear just kill Sha for a chance, and farm bgs. But be sure to have fun in the process for i played 5,000 arenas to get to 2.4 in a season

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    As far as getting your honor gear goes, do TB and WSG as suggested above and also kill the enemy faction rares in krasarang, as these guys drop a token that gives 250 base honor, but with guild perk and +15% honor banner, you get 313 honor. This past Isle call of arms I got my entire dreadful set and completely upgraded in a day and a half of playing. Already over 100k honor for the season.

    There are many definitions on what 'hardcore' could be. I'm honestly a huge random BG kind of player and world pvp'er, enough where I constantly get horde logging over to bitch at me. I also like to pick out achievements in each BG to decide to work on. I just did Ironman as a hunter and it was a blast. I may not be getting rating which everyone thinks is proof of being a good player, but I haven't been stopped doing whatever I want to do in bg's or wpvp. Associate hardcore with whatever is fun to you, and you will have a blast.

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    First off, make sure you know your class inside and out! Read guides, watch pro players of your class, duel players outside of Org/Stormwind, etc. Learn as much as you can stuff inside your head. Set up your key binds and macros. It doesn't have to be a pro ass setup, just something that you are comfortable with to start off on and build up from later.

    Now that you are prepared to enter PvP, you should always spam your city chat channel for people to do random bg's with you, if you don't already know people you can run with. Getting 4 other good players can make your grind so much easier, and once you're fully geared, bg's with competent players can provide a decent amount of Conquest as well.

    Once you're fully honor geared, ideally, you should have a pretty big friends list going of about 30-50 people you have chosen to stay in contact and play with. Of these people, you should be able to find at least 2 who are looking for an arena team just to cap Conquest points. Since they have played with you before and (hopefully) know you are a competent player, you shouldn't have any trouble getting on a throwaway team with them. Play some matches, and see if its for you. If its not, no problem! There are plenty of other ways to PvP. If it is, however, you should look at getting on a team to push rating and see how high you can climb. Find out which size you want to do, and Ryan try to pick players who will make up a decent enough comp. After this, you do as well as you can, and if your current arena team isn't working out, then make a cordial exit and find a team of players that works for you.

    Getting into a Rated Battleground team is markedly more difficult, however. This late in a season, you want to be looking for what is called "Low MMR RBG's". This is basically PvP speak for an alts RBG group that is currently at a low rating. Ideally, you want to know the people who run these groups and who are on these groups. Getting a spot on an RBG team of any decent caliber is all about knowing people, especially if you have no prior experience to show these guys. So, similar to getting on an Arena team, you should know these people, by pure coincidence alone if you're lucky. Want to know how I filled RBG spots in Cata? "Hmm, I'm looking for a good Rogue. Oh! X just came on, he's not in the guild but I've bg'ed with him before and I know he is a competent player." Network, network, network. Its just as important in the PvP scene as it is in the real world. We're a bunch of super-exclusive assholes, and if you dont know any of us, you arent getting in the party If you truly don't know anyone who runs/is in RBG's who can vouch for you, than you'll just have to get lucky finding somebody who accepts you. Once that happens, you're set. Get some experience, and ideally, rating achieves ASAP(if you hate RBG's, stop doing them at any time. This should go without saying) so you can get into better groups. If you find a group you like that you've played with a couple times, see if they need you for a core spot. At this point, you should know how good of a player you are, and should be trying to get a core spot on a team around this level with the experience to back yourself up. Progress upwards from there.

    I hope I answered any of your questions! Feel free to PM me if you ever want somebody to run random BG's with, as I unfortunately don't run RBG's anymore or I'd help you out in that department as well (as long as you're Horde! ). Good luck to you sir/ma'am.
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    ^ this post a million times.

    Best explanation I've seen yet of how to be successful in pvp and Rbgs. This should be stickied. Network and network for friends and rating, once people accept you then it will grow from there. It is almost entirely about reputation as long as you can play

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