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    Golden lotus rep

    Whats the fastest way to get rep up with them? also I've seen people mention the golden lotus flowers you can get from spirit of harmony but what do you do with them, do you turn them in to get an increase in rep or something atm im getting 105 per dailie i do and wanted to try reach at least revered before 5.2 any suggestions would be great

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    Golden Lotus flowers have nothing to do with them as far as I know.

    Best is just do all the dailies everyday, you should be revered rather fast, it just feels longer due to the large amount of dailies and low rep reward.
    I'd suggest doing only those dailies until revered, if you do other factions on top of it, you'll get overwhelmed.

    You could "farm" gun-lai keys, but they have a rather low droprate.

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    There is only 1 way to get rep with golden lotus now: Dailies!

    Maybe when 5.2 hits and you buy your farm, you can start supplying goods to them, that will earn you rep also....

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    Farm dailies; they're really fast and (imo) quite fun. Once you're done you could farm mogu in the Vale, hoping for 'Ancient Gui-Lai Key' (not quite sure of the name) to drop. These keys are used to open chests in Gui-Lai Halls at the western end of the Vale. In the chests are tokens (1 or more depending on your luck) that increases your reputation.
    I don't think you will have any trouble at all hitting revered before 5.2, it is quite a fast grind and 5.2 is probably some time away yet

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    I know some mobs drop keys that you can use to open relic coffers and get rep-bonusses...

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    Just do the Golden Lotus dailies, you get like 14 dailies where you have a chance to get a key or two for additional rep and you have a chance to pull down a skyshard to work towards that dragon mount. There is no way to trade in Golden Lotuses for rep. Just do the rep grind and get it over with if you want the rewards.

    I do wish they would fix the quest to get past the bars to get to the armor where you have to fight the stone golems so it doesn't phase out on you.

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    "Fastest" as in "earliest date of completion" or "fastest" as in "as little time as possible"?

    If the first, grind mobs and get keys for those drop items.

    If the second, do quests erryday.
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    Unfortunately dailies are the only way but it gets a lot faster when you get revered and buy the 100% rep bonus commendation. Luckily when I main changed to Monk I was already revered so I had bonus rep for the entirety of my dailies which meant I got exalted very fast

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    thanks for the replies was thinking wtf only getting 105 rep but then again the painful bit will be getting revered then i can buy that token like you guys reminded me thanks again

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    Until 5.2 the only sources of Golden Lotus reputation are the dailies and rare dropped keys to unlock Guo Lai Cache, which can contain an item that rewards rep equivalent to a normal daily or one that rewards rep equivalent to the final daily of the day.

    When 5.2 comes out the new daily area reward satchel has a chance to contain consumable reputation bonus items similar to the tokens you can buy for WotLK rep.

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