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    <vodka> and <Exodus> merge to form <Evodus> in Mal'ganis

    The second and third 25 man US guilds have merged. With the departure of a number of vodka players, including the GM Grafarion, and some difficulty in acquiring new members, vodka is merging with Exodus to create an even bigger powerhouse guild that will seriously give Blood Legion and perhaps even Method a run for their money. Both guilds were already very highly placed in the world rankings, with vodka being the current No.3 and Exodus the No.9 guild. They've also moved to Mal'ganis, seeing as neither guild much liked their servers and the new guild's current name is Evodus, but that might yet change back to Exodus. Shibou, Exodus' current GM will stay in charge of the new guild with both Exodus and vodka officers making up the rest of the leadership positions. We'll talk to the guild leaders and get their thoughts on the matter very soon.

    We wish them luck in the upcoming Tier 15 race and mourn the loss of yet another 25 man guild.


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    I'd move this thread onto the same exact one from yesterday .... if I knew how.

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    day late dude, use the search tab.

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