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    Tips on this HC Will 10 man comp?

    We spent most of the night going over rotations, but still a lot of trouble.

    We have pally tank / blood dk

    Resto druid / Holy pally

    And the dps is usually, 1 hunter, 1 rogue, 1 ret, 1 mage, 1 lock, 1 ele shammy.

    Adds are piling up and not dying fast enough, sparks get out of control.

    We tried the aoe strategy... yea.. dunno how ppl do this... we tried it, adds running around everywhere, even after stuns / slows, they are all over the place, not dying fast enough.

    Any tips on the rotations for sparks?? We barely manage to survive past 1 min into the bosses spawning.

    I usually take the first strength ( pally tank )

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    Well, your comp seems ok to me. Let your rogue soak the sparks of the small adds and the big add, which is tanked by the ret paladin. I always soak the small ones(rogue), move to the big one, finish it and soak the spark, move back to the small ones etc. The only stressful wave of adds is when the shield add spawns, thats where 3 of our ranged dps get to the position where it spawns to kill it quickly. Leave one ranged person with the rogue controlling the 2 small adds while the others nuke the shield add. In your case it might be the ele shaman or the mage, depends on the DPS. The shaman should control one add while nuking the other one with the rogue.

    Additionally we let the last big add getting killed just by the two melees while the rest of the raid is nuking the boss (in the nuke phase) after killing the last wave of the small ones. When the big add is down, i soak the spark and the paladin also goes to the boss.

    Thats pretty much it. Just assign the hunter to soak the spark of the shield add.
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    Your setup is very good for this fight.

    First of Healers can help soak both of them (They shoul; Paladin got Bubble, and Resto druid have deterrence from hunter)
    Another very important thing is to kill the ragers right away, and let the hunter control of who is gonna soak ( Hunter should be able to do it every second time with deterrence)
    Let the Ret paladin Tank the Strength and GO Hard on the Shield-dudes.
    Ele shaman and mage should always try to ring of frost and Earth Binding totem, and it will root the ragers for 5 sec (Works very nice) Mage and Lock should be Soaking the Shield dude with Iceblock/Caulterize & Warlock Has Immunity and 40% Reduction with a Ironback or Hand of Sacri should be enough. Rogue can soak all singles with just feint if he is topped of. There will be break we usually use hero after second or third compared how much dps we have.

    You might wanna look this Video of a Warlock / DK Tank Link: Youtube; Ignocia Will of Emperor (Can't lin k yet)

    I hope you guys good luck with the boss! Its not hard at all when you get things under control. And if you can survive until the first Break-Phase then you should easy make a kill ^^ !

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    Your comp seems like it can handle everything just fine, except for the fact that you have 2 melee, with a Ret being in the mix. That's going to be your biggest downfall right there, as you're learning to down this fight, if you do not swap him out for a Mage or Lock.
    Before the bosses come out, your tanks should be getting all of the sparks. As soon as the bosses come out, the adds that are down at the time are handled by everyone else, and should remain in the same rotation for the rest of the fight. No DPS should be on the bosses until there is the downtime from add spawns, about 3 waves later, as everyone should be handling adds.
    For my guild, we have a Rogue, Hunter, Lock, Mage and Moonkin as DPS. Have the Rogue tank the strengths off to the side, with ranged DOTing them or burning them before other adds come out. The priority here is Courage > Rages > Strength > Bosses. The Rogue can soak the sparks off every Strength with a talented Feint, or Cloak. We have our Hunter take every other set of Rage sparks using Deterrence, and our Moonkin cloaks the sets in between. You have a Resto Druid, so he can use Deterrence instead. Your Courages should be slowed as soon as they come out, and handled immediately by all DPS that are not tanking a Strength or in the middle of soaking Rage sparks. Your Mage or Lock can soak the sparks from Courages.
    It's just a simple rinse and repeat fight, and you will laugh when you get this fight on farm because it's so easy. It's just very chaotic and hard to clean up when it gets out of control. Everyone has a job and they need to follow it, and not focus else where.

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    2 melee is great if one's a rogue. The ret pally should 'tank' strength and the rogue should soak almost every single spark. Kill rages one at a time (sheep left, kill right) and when courage is coming only kill one rage, switch to the courage, then switch back to ragesand finish the sheep as the next 2 spawn. Sheep one and repeat. Your lock should be able to multidot the Strength in order to get it down in time for the next Strength or break. Ret pally/Hunter could be assigned to soak Strengths and the rogue can get every other spark for the entire fight. When the fight first starts have your prot pally soak the first 2 rages, which are dps'd down simultaneously. Also in the instance of rages being one ahead of another, simply sheep back and dps the front one. Knockbacks and stuns are good on rage while I'd caution people to not use roots as the rage will attack anyone in range. Good luck, I really like that fight and your comp is good.

    Rogue should take debilliation glyph and the talent 'Cheat Death'. He can repeatedly soak sparks using feint from full or close-to-full health without dying. He can use cloak when he needs to double soak fast.

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    we always go with the 2rage 4 rage 2 rage and repeat method.

    having a tank soak first 2 sparks and me all of the rage sparks after that with detterence (use readiness between 1st 4rage and 2nd 2 rage, after that there always i enough time for the cd too reset).
    this however requires a lot of slowing stunning trapping and rooting, hunters can use traps too slow (and root if SV) and stun with binding shot, ele sham can root slow and knockback (love it when he knocks them back over the trap so they're slowed twice by it. mages can slow and root them with circle. and lock can stun them (not sure what else locks do there). overall if you spread all abilities after each other it should easily be enough time too handle it.

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    Rogue tank, solo and soak all the strengths

    Warlock soak all the courages

    Do the rage strat where: Kill and soak 2, CC next 2, Kill and soak 4, repeat.

    You have the hunter with 1 minute CD deterrence and readiness, as well as a resto druid that can symbiosis deterrence. Those two should be enough for most of the soaks, if not you can use your ret or holy paladin to bubble and soak once each. If a spark gets loose don't be idiots and walk into it, just run away and let the mage pick it off with block/caut/blink.

    I found it was helpful to put the raid markers down in a straight line in the middle of the room and encouraged everyone to stay on that line if possible to make the rages and sparks stay grouped up. The AoE strat is fine, you just need to group the adds up, then use stuns slows and knockbacks to bring them down. Stay on the line of markers so they don't spread out. You should use cooldowns here to get them down like stormlash.

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    If you don't want to do the cc strat:

    2 Rages - hunter (deterrence)

    1 Strength - rogue (cloak/feint + talent)

    2 Rages - mage (blink/cauterize he can pretty much avoid at least one spark by blinking as soon as it explodes)

    1 Courage - lock (dark bargain)

    2 Rages - hunter
    1 Strength - rogue (cloak/feint + talent)

    Our paladin tank/blood DK soaked the first two strengths and courage because cooldowns won't be up. You can have your ret paly soak first two rages the mage will soak later. Also if he goes unbreakable spirit he will be able to help soak in case anyone screws up which will happen. Even if you don't CC for stacking rages, the key to this fight is still CC. When raid is focused on courage, rages should be CCed by elemental shaman/mage/warlock. Call out which one to CC left/right each time. If the adds get close, have your shaman pushback or paladin knockdown with blinding light. Make sure the adds are slowed/stunned as much as possible. Don't lose hope we wiped on this for 2 nights without getting them below 80% and then killed them within 4 tries (one of which they were at ~4M life -_-).
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