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    It's rather bizarre. I don't really this helping me at all with 25 man raiding - if anything, it's more headache for those responsible for loot, with new random superior items. Unless the drop chance is significantly higher in 25, it probably won't matter. Some items "never" drop anyway, and now you're supposed to wait for "super" version, which has even less chance of appearing.

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    This is just the Crystallized Firestones from Firelands all over again except now you need the actual piece to drop vs an item to upgrade a piece.

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    This feature has two edges. From the one POV it's good to have extra chance to get loot from bosses, but from the other know...what if it became mandatory to farm this items? And that means, that we will have even more grind.

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    Here is a brilliant idea! Lets add more RNG to loot drops. I'm sure 10 mans will love this idea. And while we are at it lets lower the drop chance for 10 mans to sweeten the deal.

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    In my opinion (no bashing intended) this idea is horrible, especially the 502 itemlevels that have been posted which makes raiding just pointless for anyone that does not do herioc hof/terrace cause LFR gives better stuff anyway.

    I also think another gear tier is too much, we have 4 which I find too much already, 5 (actually 6) is just way too much.

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    this is realy bad...

    if you look at 10man raiding

    oh wait raiding hero since weak1 since it was available , some items NEVER DROPED not even 1 time.. and now giving them even more loot easyer? nah sounds like a realy bad thing..

    its like DS i raided HC EVRY WEEK evry boss... at the end of the content i was missin 1 item for my BiS Gear... thanks to that now 10 man raids will never get BiS gear... at thats what some poeple are aiming for.. i know its not important to have it but hell its what makes "ME" and surely many others grind raids for a minimal motivatition or satisfaction ^^
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    Stupid imo. IF people have more fun in 10 player raids what is the point of trying to force them to run 25s? It didn't work in earlier expansions and probably won't work now.

    Also adding MORE RNG to the game? That is the last thing we need. This is going to cause some guilds to get geared up much more quickly by getting lucky with the new thunderforged drops while some guilds will never see any or see very few due to bad luck. This is just like legendaries such as warglaves. Some guilds get 20 of them while others get 0 during the entire expansion........ which is not fun.
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    This sounds like a total nightmare. Going to literally take ages to get BIS gear, and it's a new level of RNG.

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    This a meaningless change that will not help 25 man raiding at all. All it will do is confuse loot councils and players deciding what to use upgrades on (assuming the bring the feature back in 5.3). Loot and iLvl's are just getting needlessly convoluted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    RNG is RNG.
    Blizzard logic, Add more RNG. Don't get me wrong, this change isn't bad if you are one of the ones which constantly gets items. What about the ones that never seem to get anything. This won't solve that.

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    To fix 25 man.... you are going to add more RNG? Haha wth

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    Hurray for 25 man Raiding !!!, But can we have ICC iLevels back too.

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    This minor change isn't going to stop the still current decline of 25man raiding...

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    Biggest issue i see with this in terms of progression raiding guilds:

    A lot of hardcore progression raiders (myself included) enjoy eventually getting their full BiS set at some point during that tier (sometimes on multiple characters). Once your full BiS is achieved (along with most of your other guildies) it allows you to take a break from raiding and still be ready at the best possible advantage for the next tier of content (every previous piece of gear from a tier matters when going for top world/region/server rankings). With this implementation it is VERY VERY VERY unlikely for even ONE person (minus maybe a tank) to ever reach a full BiS set now. Under the assumption a full BiS set would be your best itemized pieces thunderforged. I feel top guilds are going to feel it necessary to raid every single week (probably multiple 25 mans) from the start of one tier until the start of the other because there is ALWAYS going to be that possible thunderforged upgrade for them off a boss. Which could result in a MASSIVE burn out of top tier players because they don't get the break in between tiers that they are used to.

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    Sounds good to me.

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    They have sound reasoning... but I just don't like it. This introduces a new host of problems. Can't VP upgrade heroic gear, gotta save it for that Thunderforged heroic gear! Thunderforged Heroic weapons are likely going to be dominant in PvP. Many things can go wrong. And the fact that it doesn't effect tier items is another issue. Downgrading gear to get set bonuses just feels awkward, now its going to happen even in BiS gear. But if it makes the majority happy, I'm not complaining. Ill take a little change I don't like if its going to overall be good for the game.

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    This will be painful for people with OCD and NEEEEED BIS gear. On the other hand, this is great for raid groups who's main goal is to get down all bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorback07 View Post
    Blizzard logic, Add more RNG. Don't get me wrong, this change isn't bad if you are one of the ones which constantly gets items. What about the ones that never seem to get anything. This won't solve that.
    I don't get upgrades all the time. I finally got my tier helm last week after having gotten nothing for more than a month. It's annoying, but it's the nature of the game and it always has been.
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    sounds like a good change to me

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    RNG at it's finest...worst solution. Now top notch guilds need to farm even more to stay competitive. wp blizz wp

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