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    25 was already better on gear, 25 is not harder, its only harder for officers/raid leader, NO ONE ELSE

    really simple fix and fair was to check for the guild rank (gm and officer) and check how much days there are gm/officers (they have the code to check that)

    but know that the 25 babies (not attacking 25 players, only the ones that cry) cry and cry like they do anything else than being on the raid on time to kill the boss and blizzard has to make them feel hugged

    be on a 25 guild and officer/raid leader and then you have the right to ask more than 10 man

    10 man is already shit on gear rng, want examples?
    -> Empress since release NEVER dropped the healer mace, our priest has the legendary gem getting dust
    -> Sha of Fear NEVER dropped the Conquerer token (priest ,warlock, pala)
    -> never dropped the daggers for our rogue on mogushan

    25 guilds on our server are full of players full tier, full tier off spec, etc etc so dont ask more when you already have all (except officers)

    pathetic solution from blizzard, maybe they should make also a 5% change of a random boss loot when you enter a 25 raid instance ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    I don't think this is going to work at all. Sure, Thunderforged pieces -might- make farming bosses a little more exciting, but not by much I imagine. Farming a boss is still farming a boss, it's boring.

    And the 25 player bonus is pretty much laughable. After it's all said and done, 25 players will end up with 2-3 item levels higher gear. That's nothing to get excited about either.
    I think Thunderforged pieces will actually make farming bosses just more frustrating than it makes them interesting. More ppl will be dissapointed on every drop than those that are happy.

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    huge slap in the face for 10man raiders and basicly forcing all the competitive 10man grps to do bosses that are on farm 25man for thuderforged items for their 10man progress team

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    I dont understand how is it bad for haveing a little bit more gear in both raid sizes is a bad thing, I just dont.

    Also the people that are saying this a slap in the face for 10man are morons, come up with a better solution why dont you, and no coiming back with the WOTLK model THAT is a slap in the face, dont be fucking stupid.

    God this community....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essenji View Post
    Nail, please meet Coffin.
    Liking the idea, disliking the fact that 10-man raiders get fucked over.
    You're not. This is actually a pretty brilliant solution. Unlike 25's dropping higher ilvls 100% of the time, which is sort of screwing over 10-mans, they're just going to get these new boosted items a little more frequently than you. However, every 10 man guild still has the chance to fully equip their raid in thunderforged items. That's the key here. Now, 25-mans will take more patience and perseverance to organize their raids, like they always have, while 10-mans will take more patience and perseverance to get the boosted loot, which is their tradeoff for having a raid that's easier to form and lead. As an officer, I would still rather do 10-man, but at least now there's a real incentive to put up with the hassle of organizing 150% more people, beyond the glorious image of a huge mob beating the shit out of each boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djouga View Post
    And half a dozen bosses you forgot to mention, being the clueless average retard you are.
    Stone Guard
    Amber Shaper
    Protectors of the Endless
    Actually im not much of a clueless retard, ive been raidleading on every boss on both 10, 25 and 40 man since late Vanilla.

    Ambershaper is probably abit harder on 10 man yea, but the rest? not at all, if i should mention 1 more it would be Warmaster in DS.

    I find it funny that u listed Stone guards more than anything, 3 bosses instead of 4 ? lol

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    Needs LFR Thunderforged at 508.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vamonos View Post
    huge slap in the face for 10man raiders and basicly forcing all the competitive 10man grps to do bosses that are on farm 25man for thuderforged items for their 10man progress team
    but.. but.. but.. optional just like dailies, right?

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    I think the thunderforged gear is a stupid idea.

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    I don't really see the problem.

    They have a HIGHER CHANCE for TR gear to drop, but doesn't mean they don't drop in 10man, and you know how RNG works, A with higher chance doesn't always means he gets more than B who has a lower chance.

    I would have against it if it is a fix ilvl increase, or get something that you just cannot get in 10man, but I am OK with them have a slightly higher chance, just like now it is more likely for them to get gear that isn't going to get DE'd or goes to OS (hence more actual upgrades).

    Since 10man can still obtain these TR amours, I am OK with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihyln View Post
    but.. but.. but.. optional just like dailies, right?
    optional kinda yes, not so much if u wanna stay competitive. same with dailies on launch optional kinda yes.....

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    so there is no more elite gear or there will be thunderforged elite pieces ?

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    If that leads to an increase in 25 man normal mode pugs, I as a casual weekend pugger will rejoice.

    Yet, I have no idea why blizzards sets the mark to be prepared for progress raiding in a mathematically optimal sense higher and higher. This does not only affect the hardcore crowd but also the low-end one night a week group that starts normal modes and realizes joe does not have his klaxxi ring.

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    Thank God they are doing something about 25 player raiding, I really miss doing 25 player, and it's dead on my large server. Most guilds have went down to 10 man and there are NO 25 man pugs at all. I feel it's more epic to do 25, as the article says.

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    This is so stupid, we can't even roll for this gear? Absolutely fucking brutal tier incoming with weeks and weeks of getting screwed with RNG and being forced to compete with other guilds who may have better "luck"

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    It's not enough of a bonus to get all the 10s to go back to 25 but it's a nod to the 25s that are still around.

    We'll have to wait and see the actual odds to see how it actually works out.

    I think a 25% chance per item in 10 and a 35% chance per item in 25 would be ok. That would be on average 0-1 thunderforged items per boss in 10 and about 2 items in 25.

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    I miss the simple days. *sobs*

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    I think you can make the argument that the game was better when everyone didn't have the expectation of all BiS. Agree / disagree?
    ok so even if we raid 7 months the same stuff we cant expect to get BiS gear or upgrade our toon because its 10m? sad

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    Best thing blizzard did this xpac so far.

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    I honestly feel as if this doesn't address the real issue at all. If blizzard really wanted to help 25mans out more when honestly one of the hardest things about 25m over 10m is their recruiting, then they'd figure out a better system to recruit. The recruitment forums are a fricking nightmare. Come up with a new system there and I think that would make so many 10 and 25m guilds so much happier. People really should decide to raid with a 25m over a 10m for more reasons than just loot. I dunno, I just don't think this is a real solution at all.

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