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    DW or 2H Frost PvP

    So what do you prefer?

    I have played both and I'm enjoying DW more because I can do more sustainable dmg.
    2H has higher burst and crits sure, but has more downtime due to Obliterate costing 1 unholy and 1 frost rune, where Frost Strike is just Runic pwr.

    So what's better/what do you enjoy more in PvP?
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    2H, gimme more +100k OB crits!!
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    2H, gimme more +100k OB crits!!
    Ye, on low armor.

    2h if you prefer killing low-armored targets fast.
    DW is you prefer killing high-armored targets fast.

    DW Frost is probably the only spec that can kill holy paladins all alone in arena.
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    Love the armour piercing abilities of dw and yes it bites through holy Pallies good
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    Seems like we have this thread every two days :/

    Answer is 2H for Arena
    Either DW or 2h for RBG (slight DW advantage)

    In Arena, you will play most of the time in Blood Presence because as Frost you're the focus.
    When in Blood presence, your Frost Strike becomes really too expensive to use, while your Obliterate will still do the same damage.

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