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    When you put it that way, then alright--I agree that the glory mount should also not require the skill. I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure the glory mounts are really hard to get again (i.e. almost nobody has them). I can't express how ridiculous I think it is to require a faction grind to use your reward for excelling at the raid tier or pvp season. By the way, why are you so confident that these will require rep to use? It's certainly a possibility, but the odds are much better that it won't.

    I don't see why you care about this so much either. You almost seem vindictive about having to do this rep for your own crappy china-dragon.
    Because every other cloud serpent in game(and ones being added in 5.2) require exalted with OotC to ride.
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    They reduce the stats the pvp gear is weaker then malevolent 2/2 because of LFR in 5.2.
    You're right except for 2 things.

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