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    Gold transfer help needed please ^^

    Hey there

    Right, i'm moving realm, and i've got more than the transfer limit (which is 50k, right?). Atm, i think i'm sitting on around 245k (ish). I figured I can buy some stuff, and sell it once i get there, but what?! Any ideas, or other things i've not thought of would be greatly appreciated

    If it helps, the realm i'm on has an active economy, as does the new realm (current realm = Tarren Mill - EU, and the new realm = Stormscale - EU).

    Many love to you all ^^

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    An extra $10 or 10 euros will let you xfer a guild that's L3 or higher. You can fit the full gold cap in the GBank. Just another option.

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    If you can wait a week, make your own guild, get it to level 2, put extra money in gb, spend 5 bucks more and just xfer the guild since you get your toon transferred with it

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    Infernity, you are correct - for 81+ characters it's 50K.

    Character Transfer FAQ for those interested, which lists the gold transfer caps for the various character levels.

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    Just make a character to your destination realm if you don't have already. It's easy to check from AH what crafting material is cheaper in your current realm and buy them. I was thinking of transferring one time and did that checkup and there was an epic crafting material at that point which was about 3 times more expensive at my destination realm. It's a good way to make a profit.

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    Buy pets from the AH and sell them on the realm you are going too

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