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    Question Stove Pet - patch 5.2

    Sooo... anyone know where we will see this pet? Will it show up in the wild for catching, or will it be something crafted by a profession like Engineering or Cooking?

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    Nothing for sure here, but I doubt it would be a wild pet. I'm betting it's either a profession pet or (more likely) some kind of quest reward/faction rep reward.
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    That's enormously cute.

    If I was going to place bets I'd say it looks like something they'd add to the cooking profession and allow us to use it to cook on (kind of like Mini Ragnaros) except it'd be crafted by cooks and not bought from the pet store.

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    love the look of it, looks like it came straight out of Disneys Beauty and the Beast.

    I'm guessing Cooking Reward/Blacksmith Pet crafted in the new forge. (that said, has Engineering had ANY aditions last patch? its been very underwhelming in MoP so far)

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    My money's on Ironpaw Tokens.

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    It looks like he mustache you a question :3

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