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    [H]Carpe Diem 10M - Looking For Mage

    Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem's Philosophy:
    Carpe Diem - Seize The Day
    The idea was borne of a close group of friends, who have a large amount of experience in this World of Warcraft. This experience consists of playing Beta all the way through to current game content. Hardmodes & Drake achievements along the way. The guilds founding fathers decided we'd had enough of poorly run guilds and guilds that were just plain boring to be a part of. I’m sure most of you have been in raiding guilds where the socialisation is virtually zero - we want to change that!

    What sets Carpe Diem apart from other raiding guilds?
    Carpe Diem main objective is to form what we like to call a family. The goal is to have a steady group of players enjoying the game to its full potential. Everybody being socialable on voice communications and guild chat and being on a first name basis with your guilds brothers & Sisters (not compulsory).

    We feel, if we achieve this, it will build a solid foundation and a very welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, for YOU to enjoy your WoW experience.

    Guilds goals
    Our primary goal is to clear all of the 10 man content in the game while having a good time doing it. The aim of this guild is to build on a solid foundation and generate into a strong and formidable family.

    What are Carpe Diem looking for?
    We are seeking like minded raiders to join us in our battle against the big bad putting things on the floor bosses! You must be:
    ~ Maturity
    ~ Sociable - Carpe Diem is not a guild where you pop on just before the raid, wait to see if you get an invite and either silently plow your way through a raid or just as silently log off again until the next raid.
    ~ Skilled - Can you move out of patches on the floor quickly? If you can, please apply!
    ~ Helpful - This is a guild that wants to advance itself as a whole - help your fellow guildies and they will help back!
    ~ Knowledgeable - Know your class well!
    ~ Able to learn - If you can learn quickly, that is more important than anything else. Skill > Experience - but you need to prove that to us!

    What we don’t want:
    ~ Someone that can’t socialise.
    ~ Someone that can’t take a joke.
    ~ Someone that will get upset when we give constructive criticism (slating is not acceptable).
    ~ Crap players - if we find you are, you'll be removed!

    What experience do we expect?
    Please list any past experience in raid dungeons you have! Be it Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cata or current! All these add up to the type of encounters your suitable at, don’t be shy :}

    What will Carpe Diem provide me in return?
    Show that you are a dedicated member of Carpe Diem and you will of course see benefits from it.
    ~ We will help to gear you up.
    ~ If you prove you are worthy of Raider status you will be able to obtain items/repairs from the guild bank*.
    ~ Provide what we can to improve your character - glyphs, pots, scrolls, etc.
    ~ Provide a nice sociable home for you to enjoy your raiding in.
    ~ Mumble, Dedicated Guild Website & Forum!

    * Guild bank funds depending. Even guilds can go into recession!

    Key Points;
    ~ Everyone is treated on an equal basis: whether you are a trial or a full fledged member, you are entitled to gear and will not have to wait till trial period is over!
    ~ The opportunity to raid on a very regular basis: we like to keep a very tight roster. As long as you exhibit skill and respect towards the raid leader (by doing what he asks you to), you will get a raid spot in the majority of raids.
    ~ Achievements will be done: the guild has always focussed on achievement progress, not gearing up character after character. It speaks for itself that gear upgrades are sometimes the means of getting an achievement done, so one certainly doesn't rule out the other.
    ~ Your opinion counts: we have never considered online tactics to be the Holy Bible and outside input is welcomed!

    What are our raid times? (Times are CET. Subtract 1 for GMT times)
    Sunday: 21:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday: 21:00 - 00:00

    Guild: 10 Man raiding guild
    Raiding: 2 Nights a week
    Age: 17+ Prefered
    Server: Draenor
    Requirements: Sociable, High end raiding experience, Mic and Mumble.

    Please head over Carpe Diem to apply or speak to myself Líly, Dakasha or Loradanan if you have any questions that haven’t been covered here!

    Priority Recruitment:
    ~ Mage

    All Exceptional applicants need apply!

    Progression & Achievements:
    Mogu'Shan Vaults: 6/6
    Heart of Fear: 3/6
    Terrace of Endless Spring: 0/4

    Thank You for your time,


    Carpe Diem.
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    10 Characters.

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    10 Characters.

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    10 Characters.

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    Back in the market for skilled individuals!

    +1 Hunter
    +1 Mage

    My real ID is: [email protected] if you wish to talk!

    Or check out our website!


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    Hunter found and recruitment updated.

    Bump for Mage!

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