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    [H] Monument to Regularity, Khadgar (12/16 HC)

    We're a tight-knit 10-man raiding group on the lookout for new players as quickly as possible!

    Due to real life obligations we will have a bunch of core players dropping out in quick succession these upcoming weeks.

    Therefore, we're looking for new recruits to allow for us to pick up where we left off!

    Our group has great potential and consist of a fun, skilled bunch of people.

    All realm firsts from Cataclysm til now.

    We're interested in, primarily, melee and ranged dps. All applications will be considered. You would be given direct raiding privileges during a trial period. At this point we're really just looking forward to getting started with serious raiding again.

    We raid 3-4 times a week, for 4-5 hours per raid.

    Apply over at mtr.wowstead.com or hit one of us up in-game. Don't hesitate - good times to be had!

    /Erthael, GM of MTR

    wowprogress: wowprogress.com/guild/eu/khadgar/Monument+to+Regularity
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    Disc/Shadowpriest in high demand, also a rogue

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    players with alts given special consideration!

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    Free bump from me

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    sorry for not providing direct links, appears I need a certain amount of posts before i'm allowed to. Still on the lookout for peaples!

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    In need of melee dps - dk or rogue!

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