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    Quote Originally Posted by Window View Post
    Just noticed the errors on my post I had alot of bugs with Dead island not to mention with multiplayer only one person could officially pick up quests and track them leaving the other players in the dark, there were alot of things I did like but its was hard not to feel somewhat let down
    And taking that mentality to Saints row even if the third didnt live up to alot of fans expectations the 4th one def wont just my opinion
    but this third was the only one i liked D:
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    Surprised that ZeniMax/Bethesda didn't walk away with anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madethisfor1post View Post
    Surprised that ZeniMax/Bethesda didn't walk away with anything.
    Their interests seem to lie in RPG's (that's kinda their brand atm), and there really aren't any properties that fit that bill atm.

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    Interesting, I always liked THQ, good to see the studios getting new owners at least, thinking mostly about Relic and the warhammer games.
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    As much as I absolutely adore Platinum Games I am still kind of slightly worried if they gain the rights to the Darksiders series. Even though anything they touch inevitably turns to gold I am still worried they may remove some of the major elements that makes the Darksiders games what they are(as many have said they seem to take a large inspiration from Zelda).

    I only have this bit of worry after seeing the final version of what Metal Gear Rising looks like after they took over, the game looks fantastic but from what the original idea and style the game went for this seems a bit different. I clearly remember at one point before PG stepped in that the creators said that MGR was a hack and slash game with Metal Gear game play and that it would be entirely possible to sneak through all the levels without killing anyone if you felt like it, I also remember them saying they had to cut a few bosses from the final product(some they said were the most interesting they ever made) because their mechanics were to similar to how the main series games played and didn't fit in with Platinum's new direction for it. As good as the game looks it just to me seems like a Devil May Cry/Bayonetta style hack and slash instead of the original idea of still using a decent amount of the Metal Gear series trademark game play. Maybe I am wrong and PG still kept some of these elements, I have only played/watched a little bit of it, but if not I will be a bit disappointed even though the game will still be fantastic to play.

    If they do get the rights to Darksiders and make a 3 then I really hope they look back at their work on Okami rather then what they did with Bayonetta.

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