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    Path of Exile - petition to MMO Administration for an separated section

    I would love to see an separate section for Path of Exile just like LoL and D3 has, because discussion regarding important stuff, like game mechanics, builds, trade ends with a huge mess in one mega-thread, important stuff gets lost, also, this game has gained alot of attention from forumers and I am guessing that all of us would be very greatfull if You, MMO Admins, respond positively to this petition. Another thing...that PoE is much more complicated than D3.

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    Moved to appropriate subforum.

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    Caprica seconds that motion madame president.

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    I'd love this, but like with every game, the megathread or a specific forum, needs to be active to have its own sub-forum.

    I've been following that thread for a while now and it has had atleast 55 pages in one week I believe, but I don't know if that's a lot or not to warrant a forum. Would be nice if so....
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    The big issue with separate forums basically boils down to whether there's enough activity to warrant it, and that said activity is long-term enough that it's not just a flash in the pan that's going to die out in a week or two.

    To put it in perspective, the Path of Exile megathread has about 1,300 posts as I write this. It was started July 1st, so just about 7 months exactly. The LoL has about 71,000 posts, and was created (I believe) at the end of September 2011, so about 16 months. Meaning the LoL forum is getting about 4,500 posts/month, and the Path of Exile thread is getting about 185 posts/month.

    I'm not the dude who makes these decisions and I don't know every measure that goes into them, but I know activity's a big one, and the plain facts are, the LoL and Diablo 3 forums are a LOT more active than the PoE megathread is.

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    I fully understand the fact of thread activity and "minimum pots/day" stats that must be meet in order to create and separated section for a game, but still, there is Rift and ToR section which is not very active nor will be (99% sure). Well, PoE has just started it's open beta, they have growing interest, I think that next week/two will show how much activity it can generate on mmo-champ.

    My main concern is the complexity of the game and it's growing fanbase. But like I said, time will tell.

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    Like any other game, we're happy to make a new forum section if the amount of discussion warrants it. We'll keep an eye and see how things go.

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