FoN 10m! 3 HC, 16/16. Drama free raiding!

Flame of Neltharion-Ravenholdt EU was founded in March 2010 on Ravenholdt EU

What we offer: Drama free 10m raiding, stable progress and raiding. We have an awesome social atmosphere, everyone is friendly and mature. Active raid spots, we recruit to have you playing, not sitting on a bench. If you wish to play WoW to have fun, laugh (alot), be yourself, and relax, while killing bosses and progress through HC modes, Flame of Neltharion is the place for you !

9/12 HC ICC.
- Al'Akir HC
- Nefarion HC
- Cho'gall HC
- Sinestra HC
T12: 6/7 HC Glory of the Firelands Raider (Realms 2nd)
- Morchok HC 18/12-2011
- Madness of Deathwing 25man
- 5/8 HC by 05/03-2012 (4 HC progress kills in a single reset after resuming 10man)
- 8/8 HC after resuming from break
- 3/6 HC MSV.
- 6/6 HoF.
-4/4 ToES

We are aswell doing RATED BATTLEGROUNDS (2000 experience)

Raid times: wednesday, thursday & sunday 19.00 to 23.00. 15min break at 21.00.
Loot system: EPGP dkp system.

Recruiting: Mage, Priest. Hunter.

What we want from you: You have to be mature, friendly and skilled. You have to actively attend the 3 raids every week, being reliable and stable, aswell as on time. We expect you to come prepared for raids, and to know your class as well as tactics. You also have to be able to take criticism.

Contact: feel free to add us on skype (oral application is an option), write to our email, or just apply on our website
- Skype: flameofneltharion
- Mail: [email protected]
- Website:
- Officers: Honeybear, Tianta, Hellsflash.