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    Coming back to MOP..

    Let me start off like this, my first character in vanilla was a paladin, in BC I stuck with ret paladin, same through WOTLK and CATA. I absolutely love the class however if they are not at least above viable in PVE dps/PVE tanking/PVP I'd rather not waste my time leveling my pally first and level my warlock.

    SO I ask you friends, are paladins worth it right now? I'm not a holy guy I got enough of that in BT/hyjal. IF they aren't should I level my warlock first? How are they faring in pve/pvp?

    Thank you.

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    Not viable in PvP right now. PVE they are in a fine spot. Prot paladins are one of, if not the, top spec right now for tanking.
    In PvP they are too squishy in comparison to other classes and bring nothing unique that holy doesn't bring. Just read through the PvP forums currently open in the Paladin subforum, it'll be pretty apparent.

    Other than that, I've been doing absolutely fine in PVE, no real complaints there.

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    PvP Ret, don't bother. Ret is fine in PvE. Too focused on bursty cooldowns, but they're decent. Protadins are also quite well off.

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    Look through the many good discussions in this board, or ultimately try one out for yourself. We can't tell you what to play.


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