View Poll Results: Which class would you ban from PVP?

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  • warrior

    94 16.97%
  • paladin

    27 4.87%
  • hunter

    35 6.32%
  • rogue

    91 16.43%
  • priest

    11 1.99%
  • shaman

    6 1.08%
  • mage

    174 31.41%
  • warlock

    15 2.71%
  • monk

    25 4.51%
  • druid

    32 5.78%
  • death knight

    44 7.94%
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    Would have said rogues in the past (vanilla => Cata). But now that I faceroll them as demo lock, I will go for Mage. Too many CC, escape and burst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ogFrenikk View Post
    Warriors can fuck off.
    this multiplied with a billion.
    crying everyday how broken the class is when its not borderline overpowered.

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    Can't stand the class.

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    Easy hunter. Instant stuns, imba dmg, letting pet do the work for them and totally out of control selfhealing on a pure dps class. Booooooooooooooring!

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    Warriors are a good class to fight against in pvp during the rare seasons they are balanced. This season they have had random insta-gib mechanics and 100-0 stunlocks, and both of that is nonsense - once it's fixed I hope to see balanced warriors in pvp again.

    Rogues often have massive uptime on stunlocks, or massive surprise burst, and combined with their ability to both engage without warning (stealth) and leave if they start losing (vanish) can make rogues very frustrating to play against: I understand why people dislike them. Ultimately though, when rogues are balanced they too are a good class to compete with in pvp and I look forward to seeing them in pvp soon.

    Frost mages are total nonsense and always have been. From Vanilla all the way to the present, every season, they consistently have the ability (albeit sometimes only with a high degree of skill) to lockdown entire enemy teams simultaneously and often with seperate diminishing returns. Allowing mages alone to decide when and on what terms combat will occur, allowing their team to leave and drink in TBC and WotLK while they kept up pressure through CC - so the other team couldn't reset. They have so many peels that they nearly hard-counter all melee specs, and yet their collection of mage armor and ice barrier and ice blocks and counterspells and stunlocks also allow them to be anti-casters. In MoP, their burst is so incredibly high and consistent that people forget to complain about their persisting unequivocal strengths in CC and survivability. Often a flimsy defense is offered that to do all that simultaneously a high degree of skill is required, but no other class - played with equal skill (frost mage has never once been the highest skill cap spec in any season) - can accomplish as much as a frost mage.

    Frost mages don't belong in this game with the rest of the specs, they belong in some other game and always have.
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    Warriors atm, guess it depends on what class feels the most OP at any given time

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    Rogues. Mop-wise? Warriors.

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    Druids. There's a reason kitties are getting nerfed.
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    Frost Mage, I swear its not just cos I play a melee.
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    Healers. (I know that's not a class )

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    The class that has caused the most frustration and broken dreams is the Mage. At the moment Mage isnt near of a problem they used to be for me as a Hunter but knowing Blizzard they could very well start perma-freezing, killing people with 2 spells, beign untouchable and in general be as broken as a p**n stars butthole anytime.

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    Holy paladins. Even when almost dead just bubble and full hp..

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    Frost mages.

    An insane amount of CC to keep you slowed, rooted, stunned. By the time your melee gets close enough to hit them with a big attack you see a great big fat ABSORB fly up before they blink away.

    Glass cannons? yeah right, with their mage armours and ice barriers they can tank players.
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    Currently warriors, for 5.2 I'd say rogues.

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    If you get CCed by a mage ask a teammate with magic dispel to help you (they should be doing it anyway... but still). Yes mages have a lot of CC, but at least it can be dealt with in other ways besides trinket.

    None-the-less I can understand the frustration they give to melee 1v1.

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    Beyond a shadow of doubt warriors atm. After how faceroll they've been for now in PVP I've grown rly bored with them. Even yesterday one just took 2/3rds of my hp away in an 3 sec stun that's just insanely stupid.

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    Not sure if people like shamans or we just die way too easy
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    Spriest is the spec i hate the most because they just have too many tools on too low cd.

    But if it's a class, I guess rogues. They are not good now, but all those years getting 100->0 by 2-3 coward rogues stacking on top of each other opening on you made me hate them. I always wished that when stealthers were close to each other (within 10yards), their stealth would get less effective. It was really painful sometimes to get sapped, see rogue back peddle and keyboard turn behind me, and then get 100->0 in a garrote because his skilled buddies popped out of stealth also suddenly.

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    druids, hate hybrids, and every time i check druid forums i see fucktons of QQ. Ofc all of that is subjective but...oh well i just hate them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulForge View Post
    Warriors were already nerfed. Mages are...........never nerfed.
    True, but still... Warriors won't be fixed or balanced at 5.2 really. Not going to discuss it here again, just mark my words.

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