View Poll Results: Which class would you ban from PVP?

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  • warrior

    94 16.97%
  • paladin

    27 4.87%
  • hunter

    35 6.32%
  • rogue

    91 16.43%
  • priest

    11 1.99%
  • shaman

    6 1.08%
  • mage

    174 31.41%
  • warlock

    15 2.71%
  • monk

    25 4.51%
  • druid

    32 5.78%
  • death knight

    44 7.94%
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    Druids or Mages

    Both are stupidly insane at the moment.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Ah, a list ele shamans will never make.

    Frost mages, hands down.

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    I hate Rogues in bgs. They rarely kill me but they make me mad with their stuns, sap, blind, kidney shot and then sprint and vanish.... lol, they rly make me mad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmacphee9 View Post
    rogues. me and my guildies were just talking about how much more fun pvp was while rogues were bad..being stunned for most of your health pool isnt very fun.
    isnt that what warriors do nowadays?

    also all this rogue hate in here, no wonder its not popular class.
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    mages or rogues, possibly warriors too

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    sorry but 1 class wouldn't be enough imo

    but since its only 1 mages

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    Mages or priests, went with priest in the poll.

    Shadows healing needs toning down a notch imo.

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    away with resto druids I hate them, hated them since TBC when arena started

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    As a rogue I love the taste of salty tears in this topic.

    And I'm amazed by native english speakers unable to even spell the class they want to ban.

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    Hunters, because they have bound the jump to every key

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    Am I the only one that wants to ban every class except monks (without Ring of Piece) and Shamans?

    If I were to base my choice on all previous seasons, it would probably be Rogues (even though I love fighting them when they aren't OP/don't play like a shit).

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    Fun poll. I think it would benefit if people provided what class they primarily play to give some context.

    For me, over 6 years of playing, I've always been annoyed with rogues, regardless of what class I'm playing. My main is a DK now, but had been a Paladin for years. I would even say that rogues are easier with these classes, but they still annoy the crap out of me, especially the good ones.

    I think it has something to do with the mentality of people that choose to become good PvP rogues. These folks are aiming to ruin your day. See below; lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    As a rogue I love the taste of salty tears in this topic.

    Last edited by fraks; 2013-01-24 at 03:02 PM.

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    Mages and Paladins. They are so god damned annoying its unbelievable.

    Duel with Paladins usually go something like this: Paladins down to 10% hp. JKZ LAY ON HANDS, fuck okay back to work almost got him down again JKZ BUBBLE.
    /s Paladin has defeated Notamonk because duel lasted for 20+ mins and it was boring as fuck because paladins are dicks.

    Duel with mages go like this: Gotcha mage! JKZ 300k Frost Bomb crit followed by 2 ice lance crits for 50k.

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    As a Ret Pally PvP, ban Locks w/ the fear spamming, tank level health, infinite life shields, shenanigans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balduvian View Post
    True, but still... Warriors won't be fixed or balanced at 5.2 really. Not going to discuss it here again, just mark my words.
    Well they won't be overpowered that's for sure.

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    the handicap class and ghostcrawlers babies...

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    Overall all the years it would be rogues, closely followed by paladin. Then again rogues where pretty much the bane of locks in TBC. Got killed too many time by them being stun-locked from max to zero hp.
    Frost mages are great against melee, but against ranged they loose their biggest advantage. Still had a great time slaughtering DKs in HFP as one when DKs where new (this was at the time DKs pretty much raped everyone there because they were in great blues the moment they get there, compared to all the crappy vanilla greens of everyone else). Oh btw mages never get nerfed? Some people missed the 5.1 patch notes then xD.

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    I was having a hard time trying to pick between mages and warriors. Then I remembered how upset my conquest-points-farming arena buddy always gets when he's trying to kill a holy paladin... so I voted paladins :P

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    I'm a rogue and I say hunters. Sure, a shit geared hunter is np, but a skilled hunter with gear. Just... no ty. Then again, it depends pretty much on the opponent I'm meeting. Warriors are pretty high up on that list too, along with shadow priests and their fear that can seemingly take 100k to break or something. Damn those fears.

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