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    Most of the bad players are the ones who focus on being scoreboard heroes.
    The sad thing is these retards are the ones that get the most honor for some reason. I have finished dead last so many times for defending something that never gets attacked while some herpderp in full blues just tags along with the zerg and rakes in Honor. During the recent Isle of Conquest CTA I stayed behind in our keep many times fear bombing with another priest or a few locks and we wiped them causing us to win. Guess who finished dead last in Honor? Us. We were the reason we won cause we would have lost if we werent there yet our reward was a big fuck you heres your last place honor. Maybe defending is the wrong way to play and I should just zerg with everyone else and try to top the meters.

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    A thing a lot of people don't understand is that tunnel vision happens very easily in non-organized play. I'd say that's the cause of 90% of problems in random BGs. Bitching about it isn't going to do anything. You can try and talk to them about it, but it's a crapshoot. Certainly, insulting the folks isn't going to make them listen. The lack of communication really is the main problem, though. I mean, you see a bunch of guys somewhere, it's a natural inclination to want to go there. Then the other guys see you doing it, so they do it too, no one looks at the map, and soon, most everyone is in one spot. I don't think that makes them "bad" so much as inexperienced and, well... playing with strangers. It's more or less the same thing that will happen with people who are legit-trying in dungeons and LFR (not the people who just AFK on purpose). Tunnel vision and lack of communication! A deadly mix! But something you have to expect when you don't know anyone there.

    (Frankly, I'm really suspicious of the motives of anyone who uses the term "bads" at all, tbh. But that's just me!)

    On a side note, the most annoyingly depressing thing in the world is when a BG is super-duper-close, and your team loses, and the people STILL complain. Like, what the hell. THE GAME WAS CLOSE. That means everyone was trying hard, and did fairly well (usually, anyways). That's usually the only time I ever get legit mad at anyone in this game. At least use some god damned logic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Notamonk View Post
    Its not the same running random bgs and no one complains about everyone else being horrible and they are the best. The best is when you look at the scoreboard and see they have done nothing to help and have 0 kills, caps, defends(returns), most deaths, and least healing/damage done and when you post this they instantly start blaming lag, team, spec, bg, etc.

    It just wouldn't be the same without them! lol
    Funny thing, defending blacksmith in Ab as Horde is crucial but often yields very little since Alliance tends to mostly ignore it AS LONG AS IT IS DEFENDED. This means you can stand there an entire BG keeping rogues/ferals/single DPS from ninja tapping it without doing much else. Now try leaving it when you're the only player there, it will be gone in seconds because the Alliance seems to have an uncanny ability to smell such opportunities.

    There are some instances in which scoreboards do indeed help out, for example points made in Katmogu, flags returned and there are a great many others where they don't. I remember an Arathi RBG where I was simply standing at Blacksmith the entire game without doing a damn because it's what I was supposed to do and there was no inc.

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    I hate the response " Stop typing and do something"..... EVER HEARD OF AUTO RUN OR FKIN TYPIN WHILE RESSING. Its like some people dont realise not all of us take 30 minutes to type a sentance. Drives me insane. I rage in BG's because really really bad people deserve to know they are bad. Like wtf is wrong with people sometimes. I understand if your not high rbg rating or full upgraded gear. But being so stupid that you literally just attack some guy while his friend is standing next to you capping a base, or leaving a base undefended WHEN YOU SEE THE ENEMY RUNNING TO IT, or when their fc is at 20% hp and the healer is in a full cc, and some retarded 1500 MMR druid decides its a good job to A) Cyclone the FC. B) Break the cc on the healer. It just makes me so damn mad.

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    It's not the complaining that gives out the bads, it's the "OMG L2PLAY NOOB" kind of derogatory shit. I do tend to occasionally point out that defending the baseflag from being capped is a smarter thing to do than mince off and forget all about it.

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