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    Quote Originally Posted by Castiell View Post

    I secretly dont accept people i dont like !
    Why do it secretly? If I don't like someone then I don't see any point pretending otherwise it just makes the situation worse.

    I have 50, most of which I talk/see on a semi regular basis (I moved interstate a few years ago so it's my only real way of staying in contact with some). I could easily get rid of some though (and think I probably should).

    Edit: this reminded me to do a clean up so 4 gone just like that... maybe more soon to come.
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    dont use facebook anymore. i had almost 200. they were almost all old high school chums though. havent logged on in over 2 years.
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    Around 100 I think, I log onto facebook maybe once a month.

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    about 150 talk to only a few of them

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    Maybe 20 or so. Haven't logged on in months though.
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    Around 50. I don't add everyone under the sun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    0. I don't use that website.
    this right here

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    30. Only people I actually talk to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    0. I don't use that website.
    same here


    nah... i just dont like facebook telling poeple what color my **** was this morning.. kinda well you know .

    Im not the kind of guy to talk about the weather just to act as if i would care about a "fake" conversation..

    sup dave !? nice weather..?
    nah sorry thats not me

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    And no, I don't talk to them all on a regular basis. But thats what facebook is for: to keep you updated about people who you dont speak every day, but still care to know about. (ofcourse its usefull for other things as well, mostly passing time and looking people up ).

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    250 I think?

    Just people I know really.

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    I find it hard to believe any one person genuinely cares what 400 are doing.

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    I'm not interested in chick's menstrual pains, what they had for lunch and other meaningless bullshit.

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    I didn't want a FB account but eventually it became almost impossible to keep in touch with people via email because everyone uses FB instead. So I made an account and locked it so nobody could see or friend me :P

    I must have about 10-15 people on there, all work colleagues I keep in touch with mostly for work purposes.
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    About 100. Most are people I used to swim with. I usually just lurks on facebook and check what like 10 people do. I guess sometimes its fun to read what people do but mostly its overglorified bullshit. "I had the most wonderful morning. This was my breakfast!!" yea... People try to make their life look so good on facebook.

    A good example, sadly in swedish but I think you get the idea.
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    I have ~200. I think the average number is about 150, which as i have heard is the normal amount of friends one person can have (irl that is) ;d

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    Quote Originally Posted by blupparen View Post
    A good example, sadly in swedish but I think you get the idea.
    Haha. First time I saw that commercial I instantly thought of facebook.

    "What the hell are you doing?" Love it.

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    623, I don't talk to most people on there but I do add anyone I go to school/work with, just to see how there life is going and all.

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    137. They aeall people I've been good friends with, family, or people I care about.

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