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    Around 40-50, I'm in High School so I need it for various group projects that happen every once in awhile, but don't use it much otherwise.
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    None because twitter.

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    19....I dont talk to many people

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    8. and 6 of them are relatives. Just another useless internet timewaster.
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    Who gives a shit really? Anyone with more then like 100 Friends most likely just adds friends of friends and people they might have met Once or perhaps even not at all... Of course they don't talk with them all, they just have some misplaced ideals that 1000's of Facebook friends means they're Popular or some other strange misconception.

    Frankly I could just delete everyone except my like 20-30 people that I actually see regularly. But that takes time and I CBF. I'd rather them just say random crap in my news feed and I just ignore it and focus on Events, Personal Chat Groups and Messages.

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    3109 only because ROTC and greek life

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    about 400. I know all of them. Havent talked to them all recently irl

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    Trying to keep it below 100 at all times, since i don't think any person need more than that :P
    That being said, i barely use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    I don't know. I'd guess less than one hundred. I don't collect people.
    Facebook friends... gotta catch them all!

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    I have 204. Could probably unfriend about half of them without missing them. Don't use FB that much though.

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    107. Couple weeks ago I had 108. Someone I used to be acquaintences with back in high school unfriended me. I guess he hated seeing me talk about dungeons and dragons. Oh well. His loss for not wanting to be friends with someone as awesome as me.

    Used to have a couple hundred back in 2010, when I was doing the farmville crap. Friended random schmoes for neighbor purposes. Stopped playing, unfriended the majority.

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    Bout a hundred.

    No one I don't know ever becomes my friend on FB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N-7 View Post
    Facebook friends... gotta catch them all!
    Lol this made me laugh so much!!!

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    None! I've never had a Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter account. When I want to talk to my friends I just call them. I think the last thing I want to know is when people buy a new dress, just had "the best meal of their lives", or dropped an award-winning poo. Call me and tell me how your day was in one sitting, I don't want your play-by-play assaulting my phone all day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firepost View Post
    I have ~200. I think the average number is about 150, which as i have heard is the normal amount of friends one person can have (irl that is) ;d
    Who the fuck has 150 different real friends? Like I doubt I could name off 50 people I even know as more than a casual acquaintance.

    Personally I have 20 on there, and I could easily cut it to 10, but leave it at 20 just for party invitation purposes.

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    Zero... I don't use failbook.

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    No clue, haven't logged it in years. Guess that counts as zero.

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    146, I only add people I know in person, I think 4 are an exception

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    0 because I deleted my account.

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    None, I don't find any of it useful.

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