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    150 or so. but I never really check FB. I think it's a very shallow site with no purpose. The friends i really want to talk to I have on my cell.

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    160 or so. Only important people as well - I could have 4-5 times as many considering how many people I have known through the years but what's the point if you have no reason to stay in touch anymore. Moreover, it seems like it's more of a social competition than anything as well, I've never looked up someone's profile specifically to see how many friends they have, or upon finding out reacted to positively to a high number. On the contrary I can't help dismiss everyone with 1000+ as some kind of attraction whore (regardless of gender!). You're never going to be able to keep in touch with that many people so the only way that number can matter is pushing your possible like-audience up when you happen to post something likeable.

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    over 100 i met in asia when i went there... i miss them

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    Around 250...

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    10; The breakdown:

    Family (5): Mom, Sister, Cousin, Cousin, Brother-in-Law
    Friends (3): High School Friend, High School Friend, College Friend
    Acquaintance (1): Groomsmen at brother-in-law's wedding (I was the Best Man, so we had to communicate on some stuff)
    Animal (1): Brother-in-Law's Dog

    So, I have 10 Facebook friends, but I have 3 RL friends, haha. I'm a sad person.

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    Not a single one and it will stay that way.

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    I had a little over 400 a while ago, the vast majority of whom I never talk to. I cut that down to 74, most of whom I talk to at least monthly (approx 1/2 family, 1/4 friends from college I still keep in touch with, 1/4 friends from work).

    Ironically when I had the huge friend list I was never on Facebook, it was all just random crap from people I didn't talk to. Now I'm on much more.

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    About 100.

    At least 70 of them I haven't spoken to in years.
    20 of which I have spoken to, but irregularly.
    10 of which are actual friends and family members.

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    I have about 150 people, maybe less.

    I know all of them, atleast to a certain extent. Everyone in there is from school though, almost everyone. Friends mostly, teachers, that I talk too ofc, a few nuns from school too, and that's it.

    But I haven't talked to any since I finished High School, so lol, but I don't really go to FB to chat, never really did tbh lol, I just go there to get new and good music.
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    310 of which only 5 do I regularly talk to. But if I ever need to get a hold of somebody from high school, it won't be hard.

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    personal a/c have 200+. others have 4900+, 2200+, 300+, 900+, 3500+..........

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    75 total. 25 i know irl, 10 through online gaming, the rest are on a restricted game list for zynga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by konvict View Post
    personal a/c have 200+. others have 4900+, 2200+, 300+, 900+, 3500+..........
    Fake accounts? That's illegal, you know.

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    What's Facebook again?

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    I have about 1600, and much like Regennis, I don't talk to all of them. I don't even talk to half of them! But it's always good to have a wide network of people in case I ever need anything...

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    Probably should tidy up my friends list, since I really don't talk to that many people even weekly .

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    None, deleted my account as I got fed up with all the pointless bullshit that people keep posting.

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    Well there is me, myself and then theres I. So i guess 3

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    36, cut down from 100. Didn't want to hear all the bullshit that most people write about, and as you can imagine I didn't even talk with over half of those people. So yeah, I cut down to the 36 people I actually give a shit about.

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    555! But I only talk to about ~10 of those on a regular basis. (Not really fond of talking to people I don't like a lot). Reason for having about 500 more than I strictly need to, is that I am required to relay a lot of information to a lot of people, I enjoy collecting things (Facebook-friends, empty snus-boxes, Pokémanz, etc), and to find out what's happening in different parts of my, erm, social sphere.

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