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  • Feel great, enjoy all the changes/additions to my class

    27 21.26%
  • Its ok, cant complain..waiting til 100 to see how it pans out

    56 44.09%
  • a little underwhelming but ill deal with it

    30 23.62%
  • I don't like anything at all and plan to reroll something else

    7 5.51%
  • Already rerolled to a different class and loving it

    7 5.51%
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    How do you feel about your class/main going into WoD?

    Im sure most of you on this site keep up with the updates for your class going into lvl100 on the PTR and the additional bonus passives you will be getting while leveling to 100. Based on what you've read, and a little knowledge BUT a general sense(of direction i guess) on how your class will play(current patch) how do you feel?

    Currently im completely lost on which class i want to play. I usually find it more enjoyable to play a brand new class unless im in love with my current class and spec. Ele while fun got alot of things taken away that im not too happy about but i always seem to go back so i may stay ...but my goodness is WW monk fun though...ugh!
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    Torn. Very confused about what I want to main in WoD.

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    I'm playing Warrior DPS, hard to tell you how I feel because they keep changing/nerfing it (Arms/Fury). After being an Arms Warrior for so long and loving it I can definitely tell you I feel disgusted by what they have done in Warlords of Draenor. Arms was my favourite spec in the game in MOP, now it has been gutted and re-designed in one of the biggest jokes of WoW class design history.

    I can't wait until Blizzard own up to this ridiculous mess in 2 years, they dare not do such a thing before then because they don't want to have to fix it before the next expansion. I'l play Fury in WOD, it's "ok".
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    I was originally planning on leveling my mage all I've heard about is how they're decent for PvE raiding and that's about it. Awful for everything else.

    At this point, I'm probably going to level my druids and rogues first (I have one of each on each faction) so that I can switch around as I please and still do well enough for what activities I want to partake in. Mostly PvP, arenas, Ashran (both zerg and outside the zerg). Some PvE.

    However, I've read that it's pretty easy to get from 90-100 so leveling alts up probably won't be that big of a deal.

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    As a holy pala: LOVING IT! The xpack cant come soon enough!

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    I'm going to stick with my hunters. I love the idea of Lone Wolf, such an amazing ability! I just hope they'll stable out Surv as well sometime as I prefer that over MM.
    But in general, pretty happy with the main class I play

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    Im an ele shaman, I feel the same, except LB, i feel so "constricted" whenever playing mine

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    I'm still debating on what to level first (most likely my monk), but for the rest of my characters, I have a list made of what to level after that point. I'm also looking to enjoy each class/specialization and take a different route this expansion, so I probably wont have a "main" character. Not sure if I'll do much raiding either (besides Cross Realm), and I may end up buying most of the stuff I want or need.
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    No question in my mind that I'll remain shadow.
    Since I do not have beta access and literally all changes except DoT refresh and harvest glyph are locked behind the big 100, I cannot judge whether I will like the changes or not.

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    don't tell ANYONE.

    i made a paladin and levelled it to 90 ready for wod. 6.0.2 retribution is as close to wc3 arthas pre-scourge as you can get
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    "additions to my class"

    yeah, right. lol

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    I've been solely playing a hunter since forever but now it's feeling really eh. Too many abilities have been cut and it doesn't really feel like the same class. My appeal with playing a hunter has always been the enormous amount of abilities that I regularly use, and it doesn't seem the same anymore.

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    I'm both happy and torn. I LOVE my death knight. But, I also LOVE my Monk. My Monk will be my main alt but damn it's fun.
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    Happy with the Warrior changes, I MS Prot for raiding and I'm looking forward to Glad Stance.

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    It's my intention to main Mistweaver and after discovering that Blackout Kick actually hits for way, way more than the tooltips and datamined numbers say, I'm sold on Crane Stance. My only issue is that I only like it when stacking haste as high as I possibly can which is during Mists content where each and every +20 haste gem is effectively +1% haste whereas in WoD they'll be +50 which will be +0.5% and only, at best, half as many of them to put on. So uh.. yeah I'm expecting it to play like shit.

    Windwalker is looking sweet no matter what, though.
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    I can't wait to use Gladiator Stance at 100, it brings me back to the days where I went Protection in PvP during Wrath and the early half of Cata.

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    Miserable, hack, uninspired treatment of Warlocks.

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    Really not sure about Rogue... but Death Knight transmog sets are so bad.. I'm enjoying Warlock very much right now

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    I pretty much have a history of switching mains each expansion. Specs get tired, even with changes. With that said, I was considering sticking with my druid, who I mained in MoP - till I played the new balance, that is. Not feeling it for now.

    Will likely main warrior or priest in WoD, neither of which I've ever mained so it'll be a good time.

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    Playing holy paladin, my expectations are NOT high. Levelling a couple more to 100 and keeping them geared ust in case.
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