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    FADED CHAOS :: 9/16h LFM 10/25man (7:30-11:00pm Pacific)

    Faded Chaos of US-Lightbringer (Phoenix datacenter)

    LFM 25man heroic competitive progression.

    _Class Needs (As of 2/07/2013)_
    High / Immediate Needs
    :: Paladin, Prot :: As the main tank for the guild you must have an exceptional track history and working mic.
    :: Priest, Disc/Holy :: as a core healer you must be exceptional in both specs, have a mic and know your cool-downs inside and out.
    :: Mage :: please be able to play all specs at a high level.
    :: Warlock :: please be able to play all specs at a high level.
    :: Priest, Shadow :: please be able to play at a high and competitive level. Preference given to those with strong Disc Off specs.

    Raid Schedule (During Progression):
    Mon :: 8:00p - 11:15p Pacific (11:00p - 2:15a Eastern)
    Tue :: 8:00p - 11:15p Pacific (11:00p - 2:15a Eastern)
    Wed :: 8:00p - 11:15p Pacific (11:00p - 2:15a Eastern)
    Thu :: 8:00p - 11:15p Pacific (11:00p - 2:15a Eastern)
    Note: Invites start 30 minutes prior to raid start time, we expect trash to be in progress if not completed by 8:00pm.

    Merger Inquiries
    :: We will entertain the idea of another 10man guild merging into us to form a fairly strong 25man initial setup. If you are in this scenario and not wanting to pass up the Thunderforged drop ratio we ask that you have similar progress to us (+/- 1-3 bosses) and a comp that will compliment our current one. Please add us to Real ID to discuss merger specifics and possibilities. Keep in mind, you must be running your team for the competitive top level raiding aspects of the game and nothing more, this is the direction we need to head so we will not be interested in a casual guild that just wants to raid 25's for the shiny purples.

    MoP Progression (10Man):
    Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4 Normal (1st boss Elite since day 1)
    Heart of Fear: 3/6 Heroic, 6/6 Normal
    Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 Heroic

    Head over to our web site for the most up to date details and to fill out an application now!


    You can contact one of our recruiters/officers in-game either on US-Lightbringer or via Real ID battle tags.

    Hariettubman // Mihealsick#1667 (Alts: Sambeckett, Dannyglover)
    Appointed (Alts: Ellamex, Bedauern)
    Zurkhan // u4ea#1710 (Alts: Emedaf, Royaa)
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    Will update the 25man needs later this week!

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    Need amazing tanks! Almost any class will be considered depending on your heroic raid history and ability.

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