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    Shadowcraft currently not returning theoretical DPS numbers?

    So, for the past couple of days Shadowcraft hasn't returned any dps numbers. I can import my profile, make changes to gear, reforge appears to work alright, just no actual numbers. I've tried clearing my browser cache and clearing the saved data on Shadowcraft but it still doesn't return any dps numbers. There doesn't seem to be any mention of it on the ElitistJerks forum supporting Shadowcraft. Is anyone else having this issue?
    Constructs in *my* raid?

    It's more likely than you think.

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    Yup, I'm getting the same thing.

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    I have the same issue, tried various browsers with no fix.

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    They are working on the modeling, so propbably it's because of that. Don't worry too much (at least for now :3)
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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    Works for me right now. Using Chrome.
    Maybe empty cookies and such and see if that helps?

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    I was having an issue with Shadowcraft few days ago when I changed my OH to a Spiritsever hc for assassination; it was telling me to go way over the expertise cap to about 8.5% and go below hit cap to around 2k which couldn't be right. Has anybody else had that issue when DW spiritsevers? It was fine modeling when I used the dagger from the dogs so I'm not sure.

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    i had the same problem guys but managed to get around it

    change your opener to ambush and refresh did the job for me
    i kept getting Errorispatch maybe that will solve it fro you guys good luck

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    I had the exact same issue. I wrote to Indz on ElitistJerks.com (The creator of the ShadowCraft-thread on ElitistJerks) and he fixed it in a matter of minutes, which is pretty impressive. Can't believe the work these guys are doing - having anything other than a huge amount of respect for these guys is simply inhuman.

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