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    Core Change

    While i love DKs and think they are balanced for the most part, I also realise they are stunted by the same system which makes them great. To that end have you ever considered changing DKs such that the following applies:
    - They get 3 Runes (1 Frost, Unholy and Blood) with each being on say a 5min CD.
    - Rune CD is reduced every RS/FS/DC used.
    - 1 Basic ability for each rune is baseline (@57), additional spells are given via specs and talents.
    - Empower Rune Weapon refreshes all runes, but runes incure an ~8min CD.

    - The Runic Power bar is changed to mimic that of an energy bar.
    - Majority of exisiting abilities now cost RP instead of Runes.
    * You can spam the current main strikes, but loose the benefit of the shorter rune CDs.

    - Each runeforge buffs a different rune
    - 'Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle' applies an additional effect to Blood Runes.
    - 'Rune of Razorice' applies an additional effect to Frost Runes.
    - 'Rune of Lichbane' applies an additional effect to Unholy Runes.
    - 'Rune of the Fallen Crusader' applies an additional (pvp) effect to current spec rune.

    If this change was to go live, answer me this:
    - What abilities would you put on the runes?
    - What would be there secondary effect be, with the appropriate rune? (make sure there balanced)
    - How would you make this system better?

    eg. Unholy Rune - Geist: Summons a geist minion for 10sec.
    - Unholy Rune: Damage from the geist also applies a dot to the target.
    - Fallen Crusader Rune: On damaging player target, geist explodes dealing x damage and causing them to drop there weapon.

    Frost Rune - Lichborne: Draw upon unholy energy to become undead for 10 sec. While undead, you are immune to Charm, fear, and Sleep effects.
    - Frost Rune: You become undead; Death Coils will heal you.
    - Fallen Crusader Rune: Your visage horrfies players in 10yards for 2sec.

    Blood Rune - Death Siphon: Leeches life from upto 6 targets within 10yards, over x sec every 1sec.
    - Blood Rune: Randomly heals friendly player every tick.
    - Fallen Crusader Rune: Player targets become sickly reducing dmg/healing delt by 25%

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    No, the current rune/runic power resource is great. We have more problems that need fixing, rather than fixing stuff that isnt broken.

    IF you'd consider something like your idea, 5m cd on runes is way way way too long, a 5m cd has to be very powerful to be worthwhile. Giving us 3 on demand huge cd's plus EWR to use all three again would completely destroy pvp and pve bursting.
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    I dont get why do you and some other players wants to fix/change the DKs, we havent been in this good form for a while now:O We have a great resource system, which scales with the player's skill level, there is no need to change that.

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    This sounds worse than what we have right now. What is your issue with our current rune and rp system?

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    So... you want soulshards/burning embers? Only with an energy system rather than mana, and a VERY slight change (IE: worse) generation of the "secondary" resource? -_-

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    Most people don't really understand how runes work and fail to understand the feedback loop associated with their runic power dump. Hands down it's one of the more complex resource systems in the game. That however doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

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    I really don't see anything wrong with our current resource system. Runeforging might need some revamp to make other runes beyond FC/RI/CG for dps, SS/SSG for tanking, although I'm afraid we might end up something worse than what we currently have.

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    Nop sorry I think this is a really bad idea.

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    can't see your changes improving my "fun" of playing DK but can see it decreasing... so no...

    Runeforging just needs some changes so you get more choice between runes... runes that can excel in some situations or get better depending on your gearing choices... they need some competitiveness between each other rather than just choose the obvious rune and go...

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    Don't change it....the system is my favorite in wow...

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    I'll keep my runes as they currently are thanks.

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    I'm going to go ahed and say that this is possibly one of the more worst ideas i've seen suggested for dks.

    Runes and runic power arn't an issue, people who have been playing dks for any length of time since cata can deal with them without thinking.

    Basically what i'm saying, is if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    well , the only wrong thing about rune and runic power is that we need them for CC and SURV on dps specs.

    no other class uses main dps resoursces to CC ppl , at least they need some free abilities and defensive CDs when they can use but we have to use a rune for example to chains a target.

    thats need to change.

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    I'm sorry, but how exactly will this make DK's better again? I just can't see it becoming more fun.

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    I don't see how this would help DK's at all. I don't even see anything broken to fix in the first place.

    I kinda wish the "Dk's are broken, here is how I'd fix them" threads. We're not broken. We didn't get class-breaking changes like everyone else because we didn't need them.

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