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    Trinket duration addon?

    I saw hyperia's stream around 17-18 minutes when he's trinkets proc, there comes a countdown bar up, and I'd really like to get that addon, cause I got relic of chi'ji and spirits of the sun, wich is nice to see when/how long they proc. please write to me on skype if you think you can help!

    Please help!


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    TellMeWhen or Weak Auras can track trinkets perfectly

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    ye, I know, but I'm not sure it's the same one we are talking about, many of the addons are simply too messy and spamming the UI too much.

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    ht tp: // da. twitch. tv/ hyperia/b/ 3598 90593 (remove the space's)

    at time 1:41:14 exactly, you see Is, EoT, and Cos and I'd like the same proc bars

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