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    Stopped playing Sept 2011, started again today. Need advice on catching up :P

    Hey everyone!

    So I played vanilla Rift from beta until around Sept 2011, when work & studies got too busy for me to commit. I was one of my guild's main tanks in raids and I've pretty much finished most of the 20man raids, with the exception of hammerknell and drowned halls, and pretty much any content introduced from that moment forth. I'm in Wolfsbane atm.

    What I'm asking for is advice on picking up where I left off, coz as soon as I logged into the game, I saw a lot of changes that took me by surprise, such as the Planar Alignment (wat the hell is that!?) and UI changes too. I also ended up purchasing the Storm Legion expansion without knowing what the heck that was about. I'm still lv50 as of this moment as I find i'm too overwhelmed to do anything.. I'm thinking maybe just start over with an alt to get the hang of it.

    Is there any sites and articles and stuff that would cover the changes and updates in mechanics and in the game from 2011 onwards?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    This will pretty much cover the Majority of things, there are a few things he has missed out, but that'll give you a rough idea and bring you upto speed =)
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