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    heroic will with this raid comp...

    we have tried a lot of different shit.... without saying what we have been trying i'd like opinions on who should be doing what for this fight.

    blood dk, prot war.

    hpal, rdruid.

    war, war, mage, ele shaman, hunter, spriest

    edit: logs from tonight
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    you have a really good setup für will and therefore should have no problems defeating the encounter

    no cc (you can try cc, would work for your soakers - but i dont think you can handle the aoe)

    rages: tank tank dps-warri-cds - hunter shadow hunter - hunter shadow hunter.... (deterance/dispersion)

    courage: always mage with blink (take cauterize as safety net) or iceblock // slow either shaman or frostmage

    strength: one of your dps warriors permanent - can also try prot warrior but will need help with dmg then

    other dps warrior is fury and perma slows/stuns/aoes both rages - try not to get hit and stun if warri is target

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